Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

CX time...1st place...what!

Let me say if you've never done a CX race, go online and find one and do it...they are so freakin hard and fun. So last weekend was the Boulder Cup UCI cyclocross race at the boulder rez. Its the biggest CX in the state and huge crowds. I seem to do well on sandy courses and since i got 3rd in the cat 3's last year at this same race i had some high expectations going in. I had a few good races already with two 2nd place finished and my first win the week before at the rez...so i knew my form was on. Got to the race and warmed up with some of the other MAFIA guys. Mafia had a tent set up and was handing out free PBR....www.mafiaracing.com (coolest team in MTB and CX)...i got a call up based on points, so i had a good start position. Gun goes off and my homie/teamate pins it for a whole lap dropping 95% of the field (this was our plan) see the 2nd bottom pic of casey leading (that is the first lap!!) then me and ryan (also mafia) proceded to ride away from everyone...I came in 1st and ryan 2nd (huge win for us and mafia). I was super stoked as my parents and sister came up to see the race, but bummed because ryder was sick and becca missed the race.

recently i realized i have won races in multiple disciplines (which i'm even more hyped on)
over the last few seasons....this is the only place it matters so here we go.
I have won races (1st place) in all these:
-Sprint triathlon (road)
-Criterium (road race)
-Running Race (hillclimb)
-MTB race (expert level)
-Xterra (national & regional champ)

Monday, October 20, 2008

24hrs of moab

dang...this race is super fun! i hadn't done anything since tahoe so i wasn't expecting to be super fast...it also didn't help that i had been eating more than normal...which is alot. Casey, Jason and me drove out on friday and camped at the race sight with about 300 other campsites...it was blowing wind at about 50mph so we didn't sleep much...yvonne and brett showed up on sat. as the race started at noon. brett went first, then me...i posted a 1:11 lap which is fast but off the fastest guys by about 5min. the course is a 15mile loop...fun and some technical sections. casey crashed as he normally does...jason went fast despite his very hairy legs. We all had fun, i got 2 flats on lap, and lights went out my 3rd lap...we still managed to get 4th place in 5person coed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


2008 season=........Regional Champion and National Champion! so stoked. here is a little diddy leading up to the race and my race report.

So my training before tahoe had been a little wierd, but i knew i was in good form (sometimes). i hardly ever weigh myself, but sometimes at the gym. Last wed i hopped on the scale after i swam and was a little suprised to see 148lbs. i usually come in at 153 or so. I had done a TT up falcon with Cody and felt super heavy, but was doing ok on time, but i was suffering and got really worried about my fitness since tahoe was in 1.5 weeks. Then i raced a CX race the weekend in boulder...i raced the 3's and got second, i felt awesome and should have been first, but the little junior shithead sucked my wheel for 3.5 laps and wouldn't pull...then he passed me with 20 feet left (not a cool move or respectful, since i did all the work)...so that helped my confidence, but CX is only 45min of racing. i was basically going into tahoe 50/50 since i had some really good sessions as well as some really bad ones....but my coach cody http://codywaite.blogspot.com/ kept telling me i should do really well and my form was good.
My goal was top 5 amatures and to win my age group (not an easy task, but doable).

We left friday morning for tahoe (becca, ryder, ed, me) ...once we got there me and ed hooked up with james walsh http://www.jameswalshracing.com to preride the course. James is a rad dude and one of the few people that knows the movie RAD...most tri-geeks do not. He has had a awesome season and comes into tahoe as one of the top amatures in the US. We took it pretty easy and had fun...it was super cold though (45-55 degrees). I felt ok riding, not great, but not bad....still 50/50. Ate a super good egg sandwich after the ride that cody made. On saturday we did a short ride and climbed a bit up the first section of tunnel creek..i put in a couple short race efforts and felt pretty good. That night they had a huge dinner/award thing and i got my "regional champ" jersey so that was cool. The EPC team cleaned up for sure...we won 4 age groups! Ed, Carrie, Julie, Myself. Nice Job team....and thanks to "coach" cody. i made sure i didn't eat anything wierd like to much salad or to much salmon...i ate mostly bread, like 4-5 rolls and a bunch of rice..yes some dessert!..and tons of water.

RACE DAY: didn't sleep super good cause ryder kept waking up....woke up early and beccas dad bill made me some awesome pancakes and a fruit smoothie. I went to the condo where the rest of the EPC team was staying and finished getting ready...my rear tire wouldn't
seal and i was starting to stress out (not good) so i put a tube in and called it good. Rickey was super cool and helped me out and kept me from freaking out. Got to the transition and set up in the cold...rocked out the ipod with some "mgmt", "santagold", "M.I.A". i felt good and relaxed.
jogged to the water and got in for 10 minutes or so. water wasn't as cold as a couple years ago.
i lined up far left by the peir...gun went off and i stayed on heels on long as i could. i tryed to stay focused during the whole swim and think about actually swimming (i normally don't)....i was suprised to have a good swim and came out in front of people that i am usually behind. I had a good transition and started ripping the bike....my buddy erik sent me a text the day before the race...it just said "fuck shit up"....pretty much best text ever! i started passing people up the climb...will kelsay caught me and i stayed with him a short bit (he was flying)...i passed by buddy brian barret from AZ (my main competion)...and rode the flume trail all alone. i then caught mcquaid on the second set of climbs after the lake...i knew i was riding well. i suffered a bit at the very top...once we started the downhill i passed a couple pro dudes and was killing the downhill tech sections. I came in 3rd amature off the bike about 4min down (becca knows how to give me good split now) i passed stephen white from vail (fastest amature biker)...and was 2nd until a guy flew by me. i knew boobar wasn't far back (2 time national champ) so i was running scared. my run was ok, despite tripping and falling on my face. i finished 3rd amature and 19th overall, but best is i won my age group making me the national champion! so rad. I realized how blessed i am just to be able to race, and i have an awesome wife who supports my racing. Now time to rip up some CX races and eat alot of crap.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

some pics we took with my cell phone....

actually they are from our "team photo shoot"...cool shots from todd langley. My training has been a bit off and on...i have good and bad days. i'm looking FW to tahoe, although at this point i have no idea how i will do. i have been doing some CX races and my mind is already done with xterra and ready for CX season. Looking FW to seeing all the homies in tahoe, should be super fun!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Xterra Mt Championships! 1st place

I had a great race. I won 1st place amateur overall...and was 13th overall. I was so stoked to finally have a good race, being a championship race made it that much better. The course was brutal, but amazing. This course is perfect for me and my strengths...full report coming soon.

Monday, August 11, 2008

crested butte

Xterra Crested Butte: pretty much my favorite xterra race ever...if you like xterra and haven't done this you are missing out. beautiful swim, hard technical bike, and technical run. i think the elevation is around 9,000ft....so good. Unfortunately i felt real flat and had no juice the whole race. i was traveling for work the week before and training was super minimal. i started the swim ok, then i felt "weezy" and couldn't catch my breath. this continued during the whole bike, and my legs felt super heavy...i finished the bike and suffered through the run. I was 4th place amateur across the line, but should have been 1st or 2nd ( i was 2 min slower than last year). i still won my age group, but whatever. this race is awesome! the EPC team cleaned up...every single one of us WON our age group!
WRC team van...we are so official.

Monday, July 28, 2008


coffe before SD xterra...check out the tights (i'm trying to be like cody)
wish i was as cool as this guy!....i'm trying to bring back some retro style.
funny card i sent to my brother (he runs marathons and ultras)
you didn't know i was famous did you? thats me in the blue flannel.


so i got a message from a racing buddy http://krusetime.blogspot.com/ that my blogs are getting lame...i appologize to all 3 people that might read this...sorry. anyway, here are some pics to spice it up..oh yeah!
great training on mt evans with cody and rob. (we are at 14,000 ft) over 7,000 ft of climbing!

this is from xterra south dakota...i won my age group and was 4th overall....here is the kicker...i got a flat tire in the race! the one race i forgot my flat kit, of course i flat. luckily there was a guy in a relay and he stopped and gave me his pump and tube...amazing! i wish i could have bought him a beer...so i only lost about 5min or so. i finished 6min from first, so i was a little bummed as i think i may have been up there with the two pros. this race is awesome! cool course and beautiful scenery...my teamate rickey had a great race and also won his age group. TEAM EPC is dominating the xterra scene right now!

i know this is late...whatever.

Monday, July 14, 2008


dang..i'm bad at updating this thing..my training has been going really well and i feel stronger (finally) than i did this time last year (thanks cody!).

Buffalo Creek Xterra: not great swim (as always)...had a really solid bike and was 2nd place (3min back) amature off the bike...started the run and felt good. i was really cranking trying to catch my teamate ED. got to an aid station and they were saying "stay left"...i went left and ended up on the short course. i should have turned right on the full course. i ran about 4-5 min and realized the mistake...so i ran back and cought three guys on the run to finish second in my age group despite losing 9-10 minutes...oh well. what can you do? nothing! i still had fun and felt good that i am back to 100%, and my fitness is almost 100%.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Pic of "Tenderfoot" mountain in Salida

Coming in for the win...the hardest 1.25 miles ever! (11:14)
Ryders first parade!

Every year we go to Salida Colorado to see family and do some running races...it was super nice to chill out and hang with my family. During the "Fibark" festival in salida they have 3 running races that are all super fun. First race is thursday. The "tenderfoot hillclimb" its a crazy race that is only about 1.25 miles long. the kicker is you go straight up "S" mountain (600 vertical feet) and then back down to the finish. I've done this race a bunch of times since i was about 13. This year i was second to the top and passed the leader half way down. i didn't feel fast going up so i was real happy to win. (this is my 4th year taking the win) ( i also hold the current record of 10:32). On friday i took it easy and we went whitewater rafting on the arkansas river...becca had never been and it was super fun. Saturday morning is the 10k road race...pretty flat, and a little longer than 10k, but we are at 7,000 feet elevation. i took 3rd place overall...then sunday is the 10k trail race (to finish the salida "triple crown" of running) this is a super hard 10k with almost 1000 feet of elevation gain. I finished 3rd again in about 44min...i know that sounds slow, but 1st place was a 43 min 10k and he ran XC at CU. So i finished 2nd place in the triple crown (behind ex CU dude) after the race i went for a epic 2.5 hr. MTB ride on the rainbow trail near salida...it was insane....i realized how much fun MTB really is. I also got a good bulk of hard training done. Buffalo creek is this weekend and i'm just training through it, so we'll see how it goes...lately i've felt a bit sluggish on the bike, but my run is feeling solid.

Becca @ sprint tri

becca raced the highlands ranch sprint tri a couple weeks ago and slayed it...2nd in her age group and 13 overall woman. she did a 1:17 for a 500m swim, 15m bike, 5k run. It was fun just watching a race, but it was hard watching some of the top dudes coming in (knowing i could beat alot of them). Becca is getting really fast on the bike (she passed a dude in full aero gear..disk/helmet/bike) so rad!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ricky, Ed, Me, Cody at the burn mtb race...same area as the buffalo creek XTERRA...it was a 22 mile MTB TT...super hard, but way fun. i totally bonked on the last hill (2 mile climb) to the finish and ended up 7th in the expert. not that great, but my fitness has been slow coming since the surgery. i had to remind myself it was a training day.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

training resumes...

so after my surgery on the 17th, i've managed to stay in OK shape...not as great as i had hoped, but better than i had thought. i just got cleared to start swimming, i've been in the pool a few times and i'm pretty sure i will always be a slow swimmer! i haven't been in the pool in a long time and i think i was swimming the same speed as last season. As for the bike...the DR told me stay on my trainer for another couple weeks, but i've been riding outside since early may. i couldn't get any long rides because my shoulder would get way sore after 2 hrs....its feeling alot better so i did LONG one this last sat with my homie jason....we rode Mt. falcon/Parmalee/Lair the bear/Matthew winters/Bear creek...turned out to be about 40 miles in 4.5 hrs. Sunday i cleaned out the garage (managed to stay in zone 3). Monday i ran bolder boulder...turned out to be quite the ordeal...i ran 2 miles to the start, got my packet...had the wrong wave bib. they needed 10$ to put my back in the A wave...ran 2 miles back to car (got money)...ran 2 miles back to start (got A wave bib)...and sprinted to start line with 2 min to spare! i'm waiting to start and realized i had already run about 6 miles....no chance for a fast 10k. saw my buddy Will Kelsay at the start wearing a pink dress to match his lame mohawk, he still ran fast though. I had fun running the 10k, but just had to cruz it after mile 3 cause i was feeling beat. i usually do my long runs on trails so running 12+ hard miles on pavement hurt my knees/joints/muscles alot.

I got some good training ahead of me with some specific workouts to peak for ogden (thanks cody!) i'll be training through the buffalo creek race (hope i don't suck to bad) ...i'll be racing a cool trail running stage race in salida in mid june (hillclimb/road 10K/trail 10k). I also have a few MTB races coming up. Hope to get a few sprint tris in to clean out the cobwebs,

Picked up a bunch of new gear from team sponsors this last week...super psyched on the new Pearl Izumi speedsuits and team kits! thanks to powerbar for all the goodies, and to SKINS for
all the crazy tech compression gear. Also got a couple new pair of razors from oakley (thanks brad) i got some neon green ones...so keep your eyes peeled! the Specialized Epic has been riding awesome, and i can't wait to race it.

Talked to my buddy Casey (bike racing in europe @ USA cycling center) he has been hit by cars
3 times on his bike...dang...regardless, he is going to kill me on the bike when he gets back.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


xray pic: you can see 2-3 pins and also the plate with screws.
3 days after surgery: super tender, still have iodine stains and will soon have a nice long scar.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


so much for mustache theory....i had a great stache and managed to have the worst crash ever last sunday (broken clavicle) ... actually it wasn't my fault, i got my wheel taken out at the koppenburg road race. but i was feeling really strong and was hanging top 5 in the cat3 for the half of the race i rode...so maybe the stache is still ok. its a really cool race 1/2 dirt and 1/2 road. we were on a slight downhill doing about 40mph, and someone swing wide....then next thing i knew i was sliding in the fetal position on my right side. the road rash could have been way worse (as i slid about 15-20 feet) but my shoulder took the impact and cracked the collarbone. this put a big dent in my training (6 weeks)...bummer, but oh well.


soon the beard will be shaved and a mustache! will stay...its like EPO..but safe and legal. note the
sweet oakley razors...thanks to tim from oakley!
here is a pic of the new whip....specialized epic. pretty stoked about this one. this is actually the first new bike i have ever had. i've always bought demos/samples or used bikes until now. after a dozen or so rides on it i'm pretty sold on the rear suspension. also the phenom saddle is really good! i might put one on my road bike! Thanks jason and WRC!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Becca and me shredding at winter Park!
The Jay Crew....

homies for life

me and my son ryder

so i jumped on the bandwagon, and decided to do a blog. it will be a good place for to write race reports and post useless info, facts, photos and other dumb stuff.

i'm going to be racing triathlon for EPC mutisport elite team for 2008. i will still race the occasional road race and a full schedule of cross with Rocky Mountain Spine & Sport Cycling team (my 4th season with them)...although my main focus will be the XTERRA series. I'm super stoked for this season and looking foward to getting faster since Cody Waite is helping me out with some coaching. I need some structure in my training to get to the next level.