Sunday, April 13, 2008


so much for mustache theory....i had a great stache and managed to have the worst crash ever last sunday (broken clavicle) ... actually it wasn't my fault, i got my wheel taken out at the koppenburg road race. but i was feeling really strong and was hanging top 5 in the cat3 for the half of the race i maybe the stache is still ok. its a really cool race 1/2 dirt and 1/2 road. we were on a slight downhill doing about 40mph, and someone swing wide....then next thing i knew i was sliding in the fetal position on my right side. the road rash could have been way worse (as i slid about 15-20 feet) but my shoulder took the impact and cracked the collarbone. this put a big dent in my training (6 weeks)...bummer, but oh well.

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