Tuesday, May 27, 2008

training resumes...

so after my surgery on the 17th, i've managed to stay in OK shape...not as great as i had hoped, but better than i had thought. i just got cleared to start swimming, i've been in the pool a few times and i'm pretty sure i will always be a slow swimmer! i haven't been in the pool in a long time and i think i was swimming the same speed as last season. As for the bike...the DR told me stay on my trainer for another couple weeks, but i've been riding outside since early may. i couldn't get any long rides because my shoulder would get way sore after 2 hrs....its feeling alot better so i did LONG one this last sat with my homie jason....we rode Mt. falcon/Parmalee/Lair the bear/Matthew winters/Bear creek...turned out to be about 40 miles in 4.5 hrs. Sunday i cleaned out the garage (managed to stay in zone 3). Monday i ran bolder boulder...turned out to be quite the ordeal...i ran 2 miles to the start, got my packet...had the wrong wave bib. they needed 10$ to put my back in the A wave...ran 2 miles back to car (got money)...ran 2 miles back to start (got A wave bib)...and sprinted to start line with 2 min to spare! i'm waiting to start and realized i had already run about 6 miles....no chance for a fast 10k. saw my buddy Will Kelsay at the start wearing a pink dress to match his lame mohawk, he still ran fast though. I had fun running the 10k, but just had to cruz it after mile 3 cause i was feeling beat. i usually do my long runs on trails so running 12+ hard miles on pavement hurt my knees/joints/muscles alot.

I got some good training ahead of me with some specific workouts to peak for ogden (thanks cody!) i'll be training through the buffalo creek race (hope i don't suck to bad) ...i'll be racing a cool trail running stage race in salida in mid june (hillclimb/road 10K/trail 10k). I also have a few MTB races coming up. Hope to get a few sprint tris in to clean out the cobwebs,

Picked up a bunch of new gear from team sponsors this last week...super psyched on the new Pearl Izumi speedsuits and team kits! thanks to powerbar for all the goodies, and to SKINS for
all the crazy tech compression gear. Also got a couple new pair of razors from oakley (thanks brad) i got some neon green ones...so keep your eyes peeled! the Specialized Epic has been riding awesome, and i can't wait to race it.

Talked to my buddy Casey (bike racing in europe @ USA cycling center) he has been hit by cars
3 times on his bike...dang...regardless, he is going to kill me on the bike when he gets back.

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