Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Pic of "Tenderfoot" mountain in Salida

Coming in for the win...the hardest 1.25 miles ever! (11:14)
Ryders first parade!

Every year we go to Salida Colorado to see family and do some running was super nice to chill out and hang with my family. During the "Fibark" festival in salida they have 3 running races that are all super fun. First race is thursday. The "tenderfoot hillclimb" its a crazy race that is only about 1.25 miles long. the kicker is you go straight up "S" mountain (600 vertical feet) and then back down to the finish. I've done this race a bunch of times since i was about 13. This year i was second to the top and passed the leader half way down. i didn't feel fast going up so i was real happy to win. (this is my 4th year taking the win) ( i also hold the current record of 10:32). On friday i took it easy and we went whitewater rafting on the arkansas river...becca had never been and it was super fun. Saturday morning is the 10k road race...pretty flat, and a little longer than 10k, but we are at 7,000 feet elevation. i took 3rd place overall...then sunday is the 10k trail race (to finish the salida "triple crown" of running) this is a super hard 10k with almost 1000 feet of elevation gain. I finished 3rd again in about 44min...i know that sounds slow, but 1st place was a 43 min 10k and he ran XC at CU. So i finished 2nd place in the triple crown (behind ex CU dude) after the race i went for a epic 2.5 hr. MTB ride on the rainbow trail near was insane....i realized how much fun MTB really is. I also got a good bulk of hard training done. Buffalo creek is this weekend and i'm just training through it, so we'll see how it goes...lately i've felt a bit sluggish on the bike, but my run is feeling solid.



Lookin' good! That climb looks like a killer.

Endurance Performance Coaching said...

Awesome running! Keep up the great return form injury and you'll be flying come August. I want to see you give James a run for his money in Ogden for the overall.

emkruse said...

Luke - very impressive speed at Buffalo Creek, especially considering broken collarbone and all. Rickey said you made a wrong turn and lost tons of time on the run at Buff Creek. Must've been flying.