Monday, July 28, 2008


coffe before SD xterra...check out the tights (i'm trying to be like cody)
wish i was as cool as this guy!....i'm trying to bring back some retro style.
funny card i sent to my brother (he runs marathons and ultras)
you didn't know i was famous did you? thats me in the blue flannel.


so i got a message from a racing buddy that my blogs are getting lame...i appologize to all 3 people that might read this...sorry. anyway, here are some pics to spice it up..oh yeah!
great training on mt evans with cody and rob. (we are at 14,000 ft) over 7,000 ft of climbing!

this is from xterra south dakota...i won my age group and was 4th is the kicker...i got a flat tire in the race! the one race i forgot my flat kit, of course i flat. luckily there was a guy in a relay and he stopped and gave me his pump and tube...amazing! i wish i could have bought him a i only lost about 5min or so. i finished 6min from first, so i was a little bummed as i think i may have been up there with the two pros. this race is awesome! cool course and beautiful teamate rickey had a great race and also won his age group. TEAM EPC is dominating the xterra scene right now!

i know this is late...whatever.

Monday, July 14, 2008


dang..i'm bad at updating this training has been going really well and i feel stronger (finally) than i did this time last year (thanks cody!).

Buffalo Creek Xterra: not great swim (as always)...had a really solid bike and was 2nd place (3min back) amature off the bike...started the run and felt good. i was really cranking trying to catch my teamate ED. got to an aid station and they were saying "stay left"...i went left and ended up on the short course. i should have turned right on the full course. i ran about 4-5 min and realized the i ran back and cought three guys on the run to finish second in my age group despite losing 9-10 minutes...oh well. what can you do? nothing! i still had fun and felt good that i am back to 100%, and my fitness is almost 100%.