Monday, July 14, 2008


dang..i'm bad at updating this training has been going really well and i feel stronger (finally) than i did this time last year (thanks cody!).

Buffalo Creek Xterra: not great swim (as always)...had a really solid bike and was 2nd place (3min back) amature off the bike...started the run and felt good. i was really cranking trying to catch my teamate ED. got to an aid station and they were saying "stay left"...i went left and ended up on the short course. i should have turned right on the full course. i ran about 4-5 min and realized the i ran back and cought three guys on the run to finish second in my age group despite losing 9-10 minutes...oh well. what can you do? nothing! i still had fun and felt good that i am back to 100%, and my fitness is almost 100%.

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emkruse said...

Yeah man, your blogs getting real lame. But at least you're fast....