Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Xterra Mt Championships! 1st place

I had a great race. I won 1st place amateur overall...and was 13th overall. I was so stoked to finally have a good race, being a championship race made it that much better. The course was brutal, but amazing. This course is perfect for me and my strengths...full report coming soon.

Monday, August 11, 2008

crested butte

Xterra Crested Butte: pretty much my favorite xterra race ever...if you like xterra and haven't done this you are missing out. beautiful swim, hard technical bike, and technical run. i think the elevation is around 9, good. Unfortunately i felt real flat and had no juice the whole race. i was traveling for work the week before and training was super minimal. i started the swim ok, then i felt "weezy" and couldn't catch my breath. this continued during the whole bike, and my legs felt super heavy...i finished the bike and suffered through the run. I was 4th place amateur across the line, but should have been 1st or 2nd ( i was 2 min slower than last year). i still won my age group, but whatever. this race is awesome! the EPC team cleaned up...every single one of us WON our age group!
WRC team van...we are so official.