Monday, October 20, 2008

24hrs of moab

dang...this race is super fun! i hadn't done anything since tahoe so i wasn't expecting to be super also didn't help that i had been eating more than normal...which is alot. Casey, Jason and me drove out on friday and camped at the race sight with about 300 other was blowing wind at about 50mph so we didn't sleep much...yvonne and brett showed up on sat. as the race started at noon. brett went first, then me...i posted a 1:11 lap which is fast but off the fastest guys by about 5min. the course is a 15mile and some technical sections. casey crashed as he normally does...jason went fast despite his very hairy legs. We all had fun, i got 2 flats on lap, and lights went out my 3rd lap...we still managed to get 4th place in 5person coed.

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