Tuesday, October 7, 2008


2008 season=........Regional Champion and National Champion! so stoked. here is a little diddy leading up to the race and my race report.

So my training before tahoe had been a little wierd, but i knew i was in good form (sometimes). i hardly ever weigh myself, but sometimes at the gym. Last wed i hopped on the scale after i swam and was a little suprised to see 148lbs. i usually come in at 153 or so. I had done a TT up falcon with Cody and felt super heavy, but was doing ok on time, but i was suffering and got really worried about my fitness since tahoe was in 1.5 weeks. Then i raced a CX race the weekend in boulder...i raced the 3's and got second, i felt awesome and should have been first, but the little junior shithead sucked my wheel for 3.5 laps and wouldn't pull...then he passed me with 20 feet left (not a cool move or respectful, since i did all the work)...so that helped my confidence, but CX is only 45min of racing. i was basically going into tahoe 50/50 since i had some really good sessions as well as some really bad ones....but my coach cody http://codywaite.blogspot.com/ kept telling me i should do really well and my form was good.
My goal was top 5 amatures and to win my age group (not an easy task, but doable).

We left friday morning for tahoe (becca, ryder, ed, me) ...once we got there me and ed hooked up with james walsh http://www.jameswalshracing.com to preride the course. James is a rad dude and one of the few people that knows the movie RAD...most tri-geeks do not. He has had a awesome season and comes into tahoe as one of the top amatures in the US. We took it pretty easy and had fun...it was super cold though (45-55 degrees). I felt ok riding, not great, but not bad....still 50/50. Ate a super good egg sandwich after the ride that cody made. On saturday we did a short ride and climbed a bit up the first section of tunnel creek..i put in a couple short race efforts and felt pretty good. That night they had a huge dinner/award thing and i got my "regional champ" jersey so that was cool. The EPC team cleaned up for sure...we won 4 age groups! Ed, Carrie, Julie, Myself. Nice Job team....and thanks to "coach" cody. i made sure i didn't eat anything wierd like to much salad or to much salmon...i ate mostly bread, like 4-5 rolls and a bunch of rice..yes some dessert!..and tons of water.

RACE DAY: didn't sleep super good cause ryder kept waking up....woke up early and beccas dad bill made me some awesome pancakes and a fruit smoothie. I went to the condo where the rest of the EPC team was staying and finished getting ready...my rear tire wouldn't
seal and i was starting to stress out (not good) so i put a tube in and called it good. Rickey was super cool and helped me out and kept me from freaking out. Got to the transition and set up in the cold...rocked out the ipod with some "mgmt", "santagold", "M.I.A". i felt good and relaxed.
jogged to the water and got in for 10 minutes or so. water wasn't as cold as a couple years ago.
i lined up far left by the peir...gun went off and i stayed on heels on long as i could. i tryed to stay focused during the whole swim and think about actually swimming (i normally don't)....i was suprised to have a good swim and came out in front of people that i am usually behind. I had a good transition and started ripping the bike....my buddy erik sent me a text the day before the race...it just said "fuck shit up"....pretty much best text ever! i started passing people up the climb...will kelsay caught me and i stayed with him a short bit (he was flying)...i passed by buddy brian barret from AZ (my main competion)...and rode the flume trail all alone. i then caught mcquaid on the second set of climbs after the lake...i knew i was riding well. i suffered a bit at the very top...once we started the downhill i passed a couple pro dudes and was killing the downhill tech sections. I came in 3rd amature off the bike about 4min down (becca knows how to give me good split now) i passed stephen white from vail (fastest amature biker)...and was 2nd until a guy flew by me. i knew boobar wasn't far back (2 time national champ) so i was running scared. my run was ok, despite tripping and falling on my face. i finished 3rd amature and 19th overall, but best is i won my age group making me the national champion! so rad. I realized how blessed i am just to be able to race, and i have an awesome wife who supports my racing. Now time to rip up some CX races and eat alot of crap.


jameson said...

Dude... I am so stoked for you! You killed it. Thanks for the props and enjoy the off season.

Maui is mine... it's my Hell Track!

emkruse said...

congrats on a great race! now i have to check out RAD. mid-eighties movies are where it's at