Thursday, November 6, 2008

CX time...1st place...what!

Let me say if you've never done a CX race, go online and find one and do it...they are so freakin hard and fun. So last weekend was the Boulder Cup UCI cyclocross race at the boulder rez. Its the biggest CX in the state and huge crowds. I seem to do well on sandy courses and since i got 3rd in the cat 3's last year at this same race i had some high expectations going in. I had a few good races already with two 2nd place finished and my first win the week before at the i knew my form was on. Got to the race and warmed up with some of the other MAFIA guys. Mafia had a tent set up and was handing out free (coolest team in MTB and CX)...i got a call up based on points, so i had a good start position. Gun goes off and my homie/teamate pins it for a whole lap dropping 95% of the field (this was our plan) see the 2nd bottom pic of casey leading (that is the first lap!!) then me and ryan (also mafia) proceded to ride away from everyone...I came in 1st and ryan 2nd (huge win for us and mafia). I was super stoked as my parents and sister came up to see the race, but bummed because ryder was sick and becca missed the race.

recently i realized i have won races in multiple disciplines (which i'm even more hyped on)
over the last few seasons....this is the only place it matters so here we go.
I have won races (1st place) in all these:
-Sprint triathlon (road)
-Criterium (road race)
-Running Race (hillclimb)
-MTB race (expert level)
-Xterra (national & regional champ)


emkruse said...

drop bars in the dirt? never heard of it.

Trevor Glavin said...

Keep killing it man!
Enjoy the cross season!