Monday, December 21, 2009


Flashback to Xterra Nationals...during a practice swim the day before the race i got the chance to try out these "sable" goggles that a few homies were raving about. Being a skeptic i was like whatever, goggles are goggles. After i put my head under water and swam for a bit i was blown away...these are by far THE BEST goggles a human could use. So i was able to get a pair of them and have been swimming with them ever since...i only wish i would have knew about these sooner. I predict you will soon see most every triathlete using sable at races.

It's like i've been swimming with "beer goggles" until now. Trust me, just try a pair. The clarity and fit is insane, Its like you are wearing sunglasses joke. They are a bit pricey for a swim goggle, but fully worth the price. Right now you can get sable goggles at optical stores. Check out to find out where to buy...and to learn about all the crazy tech that makes sable the best piece of swim gear you could buy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i think i'm done

I think my season is finally over...time to pull the plug. I love the racing, but have you ever just not had any juice for a while and the "instict" you normally have during a race is gone? Well that is where i am at and i am ok with it. Went and raced an awesome course (Alpha CX) in centenial. Big, long, open course with 95% of it on grass (tough!, 2 sandpits and a bunch of off camber grass turns. It was super fun and more of a power course. My homie Brad White killed us all. He races road with "ouch pro cycling" ...he is the real deal. Casey had a very solid race to place 8th. I managed 18th after a couple minor crashes (only one was my fault)...after the race i was content and pretty much decided to be done racing for now. My fitness is not what i know it can be and that is frustrating. State CX is next week and im bummed not to race, but if i did i would just get pissed and be grouchy. I need some time off to up the "motivation meter". Gonna start swimming a bunch and just recharge.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ryder Gets Gnarly @ BMX

Last week we made a trip to the BMX track about 20 minutes from our house. Ryder loves going there and riding all the "bumps" as he calls them. He got a killer new fox moto outfit from our friends that have three bigger boys. We got geared up and ripped the is what went down! Snack and ride, snack and ride.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday CX and Sunday Snow

Saturday was a sick cx race at bear creek park in morrison...They ran one "Open/Elite" category for all ages...the kicker, LE MANS START, so rad! They had us all put our bikes about 100feet up a small hill and then lined us up for the mad dash to the bike. I put my bike further in front of everyone, so as everyone was getting tangled up trying get on the bike i was already 20 feet in front and got the holeshot...not my plan since there are some "real time" pros like baker and pacocha. Once we hit the flat section i tried to suck wheels...hit the single track in 5th. Proceeded to get passed by a few "faster than me" dudes throughout the 1 hr. race. Was happy with a 13th place finish and Casey pulled a strong ride after a bad start for 10th. Super fun course with a good mix of technical singletrack, power sections, and sand.

Woke up sunday with a foot of snow on the ground...after some football TV action i decided to get "chronicles of gnarlia" and go for a ride. Only made it about an hour. Temp was low 20's and riding in snow is hard. After being on the trail by my house for 20min. i decided to just stay on the snow plowed roads. The snow would jam up my cassette and derailuer in 3min. It was more of an adventure than a workout.

the short lived "trail" section of my ride
This is what the rest of the ride looked like...Cold and wet.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

great days....are good

Fall is always awesome, especially right now with 12 day old Max (sleep is over rated!)
And Ryder (29months) is awesome and says the most hilarious stuff sometimes. Check back for a "Ryder BMX" blog!
Its a good and bad thing when training consists of whatever i can manage for the week..haha. Rad just kinda winging it and riding when i can and not stressing about workouts or saddle time.

This week has been decent. Did a nice long 3.5 hr road ride on sunday with hairy Jason M. and Casey Hill. Lots of climbing and it was colder than i had hoped (about 50 degrees). On Monday i got a good trainer session while watching the broncos get beat up by the steelers. Tuesday I rode my mtb for the first time in several weeks with my buddy Josh. We rode for 2 hrs at Lair the Bear fun. Wed i got in a quick 2hr workout with my other homie Mike. We rode a trail up in castle rock called ridgeline. Really smooth and fast! I need to bring by CX bike here. Mike is riding a 400$ dollar Giant that weighs about 40lbs....He was ripping. Coming from a motocross background he was flying on the descents and hanging strong on all the hills. We swapped bikes for a bit...not that rad! I forget how much of a difference a nice bike makes. Watch out for Mike when he gets a new bike. (here is Mike in the pic)

Monday, November 2, 2009

MAX: next generation of bad ass

Born: 10-30-09
7lbs 13oz.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Castle Cross

Castle Cx in castle rock on saturday. Race went pretty was super fun and tons of mud. Finished 13th in the Mens Open. It was way tough and i never shifted out of my 36 up front. My homie Mikey Nelson showed up and took some really rad pics...thanks dude!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

best products on the market!

Gu Roctane: expensive but works like magic and no stomach cramps.Scwalbe Rocket Ron: Light tire with great traction for almost all conditions.

Oakley: Hands down the best optics around. Expensive, but worth every penny.

NUUN: Easy and super convenent. Low sugar and good taste.
PEARL IZUMI OPTIK JACKET: Sickest light jacket ever. Packs super small (fits in jersey pocket with room) great protection...not sure how i trained without this thing. Killer.
So those are my picks of the 5 best products for 2010. After using all these extensively I can honestly say these are products i would go spend my hard earned money on! Some of these things i got for free or discounted, some of them i go and pay full retail for.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

cool website

check it homie brett started it and its a pretty rad mix of all bike related madness. He is like the "ultimate insider" when it come to the cycling industry. He is also known to sometimes stuff his gloves down his pants to "enhance" his crotchall-spandex area before and after races.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Super fun race way up in frisco (rocky mountain high) ...good mix of climbing and single track. got a horrible start cause of a crash/tangle at the start (50 elites at start!). I went shitballs on that first lap to make up the gap. Coming around the first lap i was back in the top 15...things are ok. I tried to recover before the climb, but didn't happen and about 10-15 dudes blew by me. So here i am in about 35 place going into the 3rd lap...oh well. Started feeling better and picked off several dudes to finish 23rd...and i didn't get lapped (very close!) by Jake Wells (mafia fast man).
Becca got some cool videos of the tricky corner/barrier section...i'll post those up asap.

Monday, September 28, 2009

not so hot...nationals.

NOT SO HOT is the best way to sum up nationals. Not my worst race ever, but far from my best. I felt FLAT the whole day and just couldn't get in going on the bike...leg cramps most of the run. Despite all that i still got 2nd place (25-29) and 10th age-grouper, 27th overall . I was very surprised to finish where i did, considering the way i felt. Still had fun ....i think i probably over stretched my massive legs (during this photo shoot in the bathrooms). Hairy man jason is a monster and pulled off a huge win! He was first place amature and 12th overall. Stoked for him and Ed Oliver (won his age group). Time for CX racing and beer drinking.

Monday, September 21, 2009

nationals here and now

game time in just a few days! i love the ogden course and its super good for my strengths which i guess is going up. training has been not as great as i had hoped. work got busy and i was out of town in vegas then san diego for tradeshows. my last few sessions have been solid though and i feel strong. went and did a CX race on sat. finished 16th in the mens elite (cat 1-2) so it was good to blow the cobwebs out and truly suffer. my wrist is injured from skateboarding, but it shouldn't affect my race in utah at all. as my buddy erik says time to F.S.U!

Monday, August 24, 2009


haven't posted for a is what's been happening in my "so exciting" life:

after a great race at beaver creek me and jason (hairy one) decided to try a 18hr adventure race.
it was brutal...we finished in 16.5 hrs and actually beat a few teams...we logged 3.5 hrs of paddle time, 6.5 hrs of run/hike, and 5 hrs of biking during the race. it took me a while to fully 2 weeks! and since my IT band flaired up super bad, i'm not sure if i am fully recovered. i took a good little break from training and didn't do much at all...gained like 4 lbs.
as i was getting back into the groove i got slammed with work and work travel....and every time i did any sessions my body just felt weird (i think i need to get my blood checked) this last week has been decent and i feel the speed coming back slowly. still feeling a little lathargic. they just finished buidling a killer skate park 1/2 mile from our house! its been super rad to go push around for an hour or so a few night a week....but last night i slammed, full speed, super hard on my right's so sore. skateboarding beats me up more than anything, but it is amazing and i don't plan on never not skating....oh well, i hope i'm ready for NATIONALS with all these issues. cody has some killer workouts coming up for me and i'll know in a week or so how the fitness is looking for late september. fast i hope! i would be stoked to defend my "national champion" title...won't be easy.

if anyone is curious about getting some top notch training programs and keeping up with the EPC speed demons...hit up cody waite. he will get you going fast! and be ready for some hard hard workouts...but they work!

check out the videos of ryder. he just turned 2 and is already ripping on his "strider" bike.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

xterra mountain championships

Xterra beaver creek

12th overall
2nd place amateur
1st in my age group (25-29)

stoked! had a good race...was able to drop some hammers on the bike like i wanted and still hang on for the run. I would have love to be 1st place am, but jason was on fire and had a killer race. Pics and more coming soon.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

famous...not really.

Latest issue of TRIATHLETE. I got a pic from the vegas race. Its a really cool shot, but its hard to tell its even me. If it was a closer shot you would have been able to tell how slow i was going and how pasty white i was, and then for sure they wouldn't have published it! Crazy landscape huh?

I'm Racing the Firecracker 50 up in breck as a team with hairy jason this sat. We will each do a 25mile lap. Its the marathon MTB nationals so there is a huge turnout. should be fun. check back for race report.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Buffalo Creek Xterra

Overall the race went well. I had a pretty heavy week of training before the race so i was tired, but that was my plan (to train through the race). Team EPC killed the race! Jason, ED, and me ended up 2nd, 3rd, 4th overall age groupers. I have never been able to really put together a super solid race here (not sure why?) My swim is always slow and i hammer the bike, but the rolling course isn't so great for me i guess. Buffalo creek is an amazing race though! its like one of the biggest xterras in the world (500+ athletes) and an awesome post race lunch with ice cream! I even got the best prize ever...a super deluxe toothbrush! yep, the plug into the wall and charge it up..with crazy brushes and a built in timer. My teeth are gonna be so clean it might make me faster.

-9th overall
-4th amature
-1st age group

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Xterra 4 corners

-3rd place overall.
-1st in age group.
-2nd fastest bike and run.
-Fastest T1 and T2.

The fitness is finally coming around. Still don't have that "snap" yet, but its encouraging to race pretty fast before beaver creek. Super fun race...Swim/Run/Bike. It was cool running fresh and strange biking last. Very good event though! EPC team owned it. check the team blog.

results from the race:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

home and garden

i'm always curious (maybe just me) about other peoples houses and garages...something that gives a little insight to life outside of training/watts/HR/splits/and spandex. Here are some shots of our garage and backyard. Between becca, me, and ryder we have a few bikes. here is the current count. Luke: 2 MTB, 2CX, 1Road. Becca: 1 MTB, 1Road. Ryder: 1bike, 1 pushscooter. 9 bikes! With kid #2 on the way we might be able to open a used bike store in about a year.
huge mess of bikes
huge mess of bike gear
sunset in our backyard last week...coloRADo is the best.

backyard weeds and the mountain view
Our garden! tomatoes, jalepenos, peppers, carrots, strawberry, radish, lettuce, basil, cilantro.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

try these ESI grips

you will love these grips...i have had a couple sets of these and they are by far the best possible grips you can get. i have tried a ton. these actually do absord shock and they work awesome without gloves (perfect for xterra). i am not sponsored by them...i bought my grips at full retail and they are worth every penny. i got the white ones on the yeti now and they clean up super easy. next ones will be pink ones for sure.

Monday, May 18, 2009

training update...i guess

not any good pics to post...sorry. training has been good. did a 5 hr mtb with jason and casey yesterday..i was beat. last week was a hard week with some heavy running and a really hard race pace ride/run brick. gonna try to swim and run alot this week. On a good note: they started digging the new skatepark that is going in less than a mile from my house! so pumped....i'm guessing my training might lag a bit though.

Xterra NM is coming up . i have never done this race, but it sounds fun. swim/run/bike! a bunch of us EPC folks are heading out there. hope to go faster than my vegas pace. not stressing to much yet, since my focus is odgen/beaver creek and some cyclocross. on a CX note: i got upgraded to cat 2 last season (elite) and now race in the pro field (cat1 and cat2) is insanely fast and i hope to improve on my finishes. (i finished top 15 a few times and was 18th at state champs but also DNF in two races ..haha) but i think i can hang top 10 with some more training.

PS: "love last longer than life"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

mustache MAY

yep...the beard is growing strong, just waiting for a suprise attack from the stache.
-i hope to have a very nice caterpillar lurking for the Xterra NM race.

LAs Vegas was fun yet brutal. i was beat up! that run took me forever! it was hot!
i have no tan! dang son!
I have only been doing base...and to honest i have not been that motivated, and i
don't want to start to fast (seen to many fast dudes fade hard at nationals) ...but
after i got severly worked by several guys i should have been able to hang with
(....brian, jason,!) i am now realizing that i maybe should start getting serious about
this training stuff. despite not being that satisfied with my race i still won my age group
(how did that happen? idea. not alot of fast dudes in my age group there i guess.
30-34 is going to be tough. now the fire is lit under by buttocks, and i promise nothing
except maybe a slow race or a fast one.

Monday, April 27, 2009

heading to vegas...

I'm in utah right now for work stuff...we have a regional trade show here in SLC so shops can come check out all the latest skate goods. to see some of the brands that i rep for. we skated a rad SLC skatepark today after the show. super fun with the whole rep posse. stoked to get a tail bluntslide on the little tranny quarterpipe... got back to the hotel and rode the workout bike and ran to loosen the legs up. on wed i fly to vegas (meeting becca and ryder there) and staying with becca's parents.
the rest of the EPC crew comes in thursday night...still just chilling with training, been ramping it up a bit more but nothing ultra serious yet. have no idea how he race will go, but it should be fun to race and hurt and hopefully not puke. a bunch of us did a 7.5 mile trail run on was rad and kicked my butt. pure running races are hard. jason loved the flat course (wait for the hills bro!) and smoked us all. he got 2nd and finished like 2min in front of me...cody got 3rd and i was 5th. good times!...i need to finish my beer and go to bed.

*rad pic i found on my laptop when ryder was about a year old.

chronicles of gnarlia

so on april 17-18-19 we visited a place called fruita ...or as we call it "gnarlia" its narnia but much gnarlier. we had our EPC training camp. 3 days of epic riding in an amazing place. go visit fruita and ride as many trails as you can. you will love it. me and casey left on friday morning in a snowstorm. made it to fruita and did a 3hr ride with the rest of the crew. woke up early on sat and did an awesome loop called rim loop (i think?) we left the car at 10am....rolled back to the car at 4:30 refilled and did a couple more short loops. then finished it off with a 30min run. sun we did a 3-4 ride and 20min run....then drove home. 13+ hours in saddle in 3 days and my butt was sore. peep these pics for some spandex madness

Monday, April 13, 2009

20lb race beast

here is the bike that will hopefully propel me to big fame, and huge fortune. i bought this bike with the money i made while i was a body guard for chuck norris and steven segal. SICK!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ryder sk8ing at 21 months old!

he loves doing this...and he would do it 100 times if i would let him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

yeti build...bro

pretty psyched about this bike....actually just got done building it two days ago. i really like hardtails. i love the way they ride. i'll post some pics of the complete bike (a hair under 20lbs total!) thanks to YETI! stoked to have them as a sponsor this season. just wait....?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

love last longer than life.

so getting back in groove has been fun and challenging...mostly due to weather and my work is still kinda busy. i have had some great sessions and i feel my fitness coming back pretty fast.
been back in the pool just doing some strength stuff with paddles and working on the smooth long stroke that i lack! ive been riding my single speed MTB alot lately. it is my only MTB right now and its so fun...go ride a single speed rigid mtb and you'll have a new appreciation for shocks and your skills will improve (or else you crash). did a fun ride the other day up waterton to the colorado trail in the snow! the new Yeti is on the way and all my parts have been ordered...stay tuned for a "tech" blog on the YETI ARC and my parts choice. i think i'm turning into a techno bike wizard thanks to cody, ed, rickey...those guys count grams like math homework. i think i got a good balalance of weight/stiffness/durability and i'm hoping to be under 20lbs!
ive been running in the nike lunar trainer (pic)...kinda crazy space looking, but they are amazing. i'm kinda picky with running shoes and HATE heavy shoes for training or racing. these are perfect,light, neutral, low, flexible. i'll probably race in the nike lunar racer (5.5 ounces!).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

do work....son

me and becca in breck during a "skate ski" nordic session
ryder getting his trainer time in...i make him do at least 5min a day

finally back at this "training" thing. i get so busy with work in jan and feb. that i can't do much of anything, and its nice to get some time off to get recharged and focused. i need the break for sure. i've been shredding (snowboarding) since that is part of my work and i'm in the mountains working...its been fun. learned how to skate ski nordic style...pretty fun! hard and an insane workout, but killer times. So know that i'm slowly getting back in "the zone"...i've just been doing some long rides (ususally 4+ hrs and 5,000 to 6,000 ft of climbing) they have been kicking my butt, but thats what i need right now. i have also been towing ryder a bit in the "chariot" behind the CX bike...its way hard! been doing some 45 min runs and a few pool sessions...weird thing was the other day i was feeling great in the pool?! i honestly think the less i swim the better i swim. I have a new whip on the way....a new YETI arc hardtail! i like the full suspension, but i missed the firm and "no nonsense" simplicity of a hardtail. i should be able to get that sucker pretty stay tuned. PEACE!