Tuesday, March 24, 2009

yeti build...bro

pretty psyched about this bike....actually just got done building it two days ago. i really like hardtails. i love the way they ride. i'll post some pics of the complete bike (a hair under 20lbs total!) thanks to YETI! stoked to have them as a sponsor this season. just wait....?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

love last longer than life.

so getting back in groove has been fun and challenging...mostly due to weather and my work is still kinda busy. i have had some great sessions and i feel my fitness coming back pretty fast.
been back in the pool just doing some strength stuff with paddles and working on the smooth long stroke that i lack! ive been riding my single speed MTB alot lately. it is my only MTB right now and its so fun...go ride a single speed rigid mtb and you'll have a new appreciation for shocks and your skills will improve (or else you crash). did a fun ride the other day up waterton to the colorado trail in the snow! the new Yeti is on the way and all my parts have been ordered...stay tuned for a "tech" blog on the YETI ARC and my parts choice. i think i'm turning into a techno bike wizard thanks to cody, ed, rickey...those guys count grams like math homework. i think i got a good balalance of weight/stiffness/durability and i'm hoping to be under 20lbs!
ive been running in the nike lunar trainer (pic)...kinda crazy space looking, but they are amazing. i'm kinda picky with running shoes and HATE heavy shoes for training or racing. these are perfect,light, neutral, low, flexible. i'll probably race in the nike lunar racer (5.5 ounces!).

Sunday, March 1, 2009

do work....son

me and becca in breck during a "skate ski" nordic session
ryder getting his trainer time in...i make him do at least 5min a day

finally back at this "training" thing. i get so busy with work in jan and feb. that i can't do much of anything, and its nice to get some time off to get recharged and focused. i need the break for sure. i've been shredding (snowboarding) since that is part of my work and i'm in the mountains working...its been fun. learned how to skate ski nordic style...pretty fun! hard and an insane workout, but killer times. So know that i'm slowly getting back in "the zone"...i've just been doing some long rides (ususally 4+ hrs and 5,000 to 6,000 ft of climbing) they have been kicking my butt, but thats what i need right now. i have also been towing ryder a bit in the "chariot" behind the CX bike...its way hard! been doing some 45 min runs and a few pool sessions...weird thing was the other day i was feeling great in the pool?! i honestly think the less i swim the better i swim. I have a new whip on the way....a new YETI arc hardtail! i like the full suspension, but i missed the firm and "no nonsense" simplicity of a hardtail. i should be able to get that sucker pretty light...so stay tuned. PEACE!