Sunday, March 1, 2009

do work....son

me and becca in breck during a "skate ski" nordic session
ryder getting his trainer time in...i make him do at least 5min a day

finally back at this "training" thing. i get so busy with work in jan and feb. that i can't do much of anything, and its nice to get some time off to get recharged and focused. i need the break for sure. i've been shredding (snowboarding) since that is part of my work and i'm in the mountains working...its been fun. learned how to skate ski nordic style...pretty fun! hard and an insane workout, but killer times. So know that i'm slowly getting back in "the zone"...i've just been doing some long rides (ususally 4+ hrs and 5,000 to 6,000 ft of climbing) they have been kicking my butt, but thats what i need right now. i have also been towing ryder a bit in the "chariot" behind the CX bike...its way hard! been doing some 45 min runs and a few pool sessions...weird thing was the other day i was feeling great in the pool?! i honestly think the less i swim the better i swim. I have a new whip on the way....a new YETI arc hardtail! i like the full suspension, but i missed the firm and "no nonsense" simplicity of a hardtail. i should be able to get that sucker pretty stay tuned. PEACE!

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