Monday, April 27, 2009

chronicles of gnarlia

so on april 17-18-19 we visited a place called fruita ...or as we call it "gnarlia" its narnia but much gnarlier. we had our EPC training camp. 3 days of epic riding in an amazing place. go visit fruita and ride as many trails as you can. you will love it. me and casey left on friday morning in a snowstorm. made it to fruita and did a 3hr ride with the rest of the crew. woke up early on sat and did an awesome loop called rim loop (i think?) we left the car at 10am....rolled back to the car at 4:30 refilled and did a couple more short loops. then finished it off with a 30min run. sun we did a 3-4 ride and 20min run....then drove home. 13+ hours in saddle in 3 days and my butt was sore. peep these pics for some spandex madness

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