Monday, April 27, 2009

heading to vegas...

I'm in utah right now for work stuff...we have a regional trade show here in SLC so shops can come check out all the latest skate goods. to see some of the brands that i rep for. we skated a rad SLC skatepark today after the show. super fun with the whole rep posse. stoked to get a tail bluntslide on the little tranny quarterpipe... got back to the hotel and rode the workout bike and ran to loosen the legs up. on wed i fly to vegas (meeting becca and ryder there) and staying with becca's parents.
the rest of the EPC crew comes in thursday night...still just chilling with training, been ramping it up a bit more but nothing ultra serious yet. have no idea how he race will go, but it should be fun to race and hurt and hopefully not puke. a bunch of us did a 7.5 mile trail run on was rad and kicked my butt. pure running races are hard. jason loved the flat course (wait for the hills bro!) and smoked us all. he got 2nd and finished like 2min in front of me...cody got 3rd and i was 5th. good times!...i need to finish my beer and go to bed.

*rad pic i found on my laptop when ryder was about a year old.

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