Wednesday, May 27, 2009

home and garden

i'm always curious (maybe just me) about other peoples houses and garages...something that gives a little insight to life outside of training/watts/HR/splits/and spandex. Here are some shots of our garage and backyard. Between becca, me, and ryder we have a few bikes. here is the current count. Luke: 2 MTB, 2CX, 1Road. Becca: 1 MTB, 1Road. Ryder: 1bike, 1 pushscooter. 9 bikes! With kid #2 on the way we might be able to open a used bike store in about a year.
huge mess of bikes
huge mess of bike gear
sunset in our backyard last week...coloRADo is the best.

backyard weeds and the mountain view
Our garden! tomatoes, jalepenos, peppers, carrots, strawberry, radish, lettuce, basil, cilantro.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

try these ESI grips

you will love these grips...i have had a couple sets of these and they are by far the best possible grips you can get. i have tried a ton. these actually do absord shock and they work awesome without gloves (perfect for xterra). i am not sponsored by them...i bought my grips at full retail and they are worth every penny. i got the white ones on the yeti now and they clean up super easy. next ones will be pink ones for sure.

Monday, May 18, 2009

training update...i guess

not any good pics to post...sorry. training has been good. did a 5 hr mtb with jason and casey yesterday..i was beat. last week was a hard week with some heavy running and a really hard race pace ride/run brick. gonna try to swim and run alot this week. On a good note: they started digging the new skatepark that is going in less than a mile from my house! so pumped....i'm guessing my training might lag a bit though.

Xterra NM is coming up . i have never done this race, but it sounds fun. swim/run/bike! a bunch of us EPC folks are heading out there. hope to go faster than my vegas pace. not stressing to much yet, since my focus is odgen/beaver creek and some cyclocross. on a CX note: i got upgraded to cat 2 last season (elite) and now race in the pro field (cat1 and cat2) is insanely fast and i hope to improve on my finishes. (i finished top 15 a few times and was 18th at state champs but also DNF in two races ..haha) but i think i can hang top 10 with some more training.

PS: "love last longer than life"

Saturday, May 9, 2009

mustache MAY

yep...the beard is growing strong, just waiting for a suprise attack from the stache.
-i hope to have a very nice caterpillar lurking for the Xterra NM race.

LAs Vegas was fun yet brutal. i was beat up! that run took me forever! it was hot!
i have no tan! dang son!
I have only been doing base...and to honest i have not been that motivated, and i
don't want to start to fast (seen to many fast dudes fade hard at nationals) ...but
after i got severly worked by several guys i should have been able to hang with
(....brian, jason,!) i am now realizing that i maybe should start getting serious about
this training stuff. despite not being that satisfied with my race i still won my age group
(how did that happen? idea. not alot of fast dudes in my age group there i guess.
30-34 is going to be tough. now the fire is lit under by buttocks, and i promise nothing
except maybe a slow race or a fast one.