Wednesday, May 27, 2009

home and garden

i'm always curious (maybe just me) about other peoples houses and garages...something that gives a little insight to life outside of training/watts/HR/splits/and spandex. Here are some shots of our garage and backyard. Between becca, me, and ryder we have a few bikes. here is the current count. Luke: 2 MTB, 2CX, 1Road. Becca: 1 MTB, 1Road. Ryder: 1bike, 1 pushscooter. 9 bikes! With kid #2 on the way we might be able to open a used bike store in about a year.
huge mess of bikes
huge mess of bike gear
sunset in our backyard last week...coloRADo is the best.

backyard weeds and the mountain view
Our garden! tomatoes, jalepenos, peppers, carrots, strawberry, radish, lettuce, basil, cilantro.

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Cody Waite said...

Nice garden dude. You need to have us all over for a grill party here soon!