Saturday, May 9, 2009

mustache MAY

yep...the beard is growing strong, just waiting for a suprise attack from the stache.
-i hope to have a very nice caterpillar lurking for the Xterra NM race.

LAs Vegas was fun yet brutal. i was beat up! that run took me forever! it was hot!
i have no tan! dang son!
I have only been doing base...and to honest i have not been that motivated, and i
don't want to start to fast (seen to many fast dudes fade hard at nationals) ...but
after i got severly worked by several guys i should have been able to hang with
(....brian, jason,!) i am now realizing that i maybe should start getting serious about
this training stuff. despite not being that satisfied with my race i still won my age group
(how did that happen? idea. not alot of fast dudes in my age group there i guess.
30-34 is going to be tough. now the fire is lit under by buttocks, and i promise nothing
except maybe a slow race or a fast one.


jameson said...

awesome race dude! how are you liking the Yeti.... i love mine!

cody also told me you have #2 on the way... congrats... so rad.

keep it up man.

Cody Waite said...

here little caterpillar....