Monday, May 18, 2009

training update...i guess

not any good pics to post...sorry. training has been good. did a 5 hr mtb with jason and casey yesterday..i was beat. last week was a hard week with some heavy running and a really hard race pace ride/run brick. gonna try to swim and run alot this week. On a good note: they started digging the new skatepark that is going in less than a mile from my house! so pumped....i'm guessing my training might lag a bit though.

Xterra NM is coming up . i have never done this race, but it sounds fun. swim/run/bike! a bunch of us EPC folks are heading out there. hope to go faster than my vegas pace. not stressing to much yet, since my focus is odgen/beaver creek and some cyclocross. on a CX note: i got upgraded to cat 2 last season (elite) and now race in the pro field (cat1 and cat2) is insanely fast and i hope to improve on my finishes. (i finished top 15 a few times and was 18th at state champs but also DNF in two races ..haha) but i think i can hang top 10 with some more training.

PS: "love last longer than life"

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