Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Buffalo Creek Xterra

Overall the race went well. I had a pretty heavy week of training before the race so i was tired, but that was my plan (to train through the race). Team EPC killed the race! Jason, ED, and me ended up 2nd, 3rd, 4th overall age groupers. I have never been able to really put together a super solid race here (not sure why?) My swim is always slow and i hammer the bike, but the rolling course isn't so great for me i guess. Buffalo creek is an amazing race though! its like one of the biggest xterras in the world (500+ athletes) and an awesome post race lunch with ice cream! I even got the best prize ever...a super deluxe toothbrush! yep, the plug into the wall and charge it up..with crazy brushes and a built in timer. My teeth are gonna be so clean it might make me faster.

-9th overall
-4th amature
-1st age group


jameson said...

congrats dude... you are dominating this year!.. and the yeti looks sick!

Kruse Time said...

yep, my training has been weak the past month. but I did go into buff creek rested. i think it's called feathering off a taper. look it up.

btw, did I see you backstroking out there? impressive. I don't even know how.

Cody Waite said...

Dude, I was eyeballing that toothbrush at the awards ceremony. It looks really sweet. I was bummed when I got a check instead :-(

I've always heard the rumor that you can backstroke as fast or faster than freestyle. That's sick!

gregy67 said...

Congrats on another win! I'm looking forward to racing again at the Mt. Champs...

I think I remember you doing the backstroke last yr too. I need to practice this new technique!

lukejay said...

dang guys!...i backstroked once for about 50feet, and everyone saw.