Monday, August 24, 2009


haven't posted for a is what's been happening in my "so exciting" life:

after a great race at beaver creek me and jason (hairy one) decided to try a 18hr adventure race.
it was brutal...we finished in 16.5 hrs and actually beat a few teams...we logged 3.5 hrs of paddle time, 6.5 hrs of run/hike, and 5 hrs of biking during the race. it took me a while to fully 2 weeks! and since my IT band flaired up super bad, i'm not sure if i am fully recovered. i took a good little break from training and didn't do much at all...gained like 4 lbs.
as i was getting back into the groove i got slammed with work and work travel....and every time i did any sessions my body just felt weird (i think i need to get my blood checked) this last week has been decent and i feel the speed coming back slowly. still feeling a little lathargic. they just finished buidling a killer skate park 1/2 mile from our house! its been super rad to go push around for an hour or so a few night a week....but last night i slammed, full speed, super hard on my right's so sore. skateboarding beats me up more than anything, but it is amazing and i don't plan on never not skating....oh well, i hope i'm ready for NATIONALS with all these issues. cody has some killer workouts coming up for me and i'll know in a week or so how the fitness is looking for late september. fast i hope! i would be stoked to defend my "national champion" title...won't be easy.

if anyone is curious about getting some top notch training programs and keeping up with the EPC speed demons...hit up cody waite. he will get you going fast! and be ready for some hard hard workouts...but they work!

check out the videos of ryder. he just turned 2 and is already ripping on his "strider" bike.

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Cody Waite said...

That is the cutest little boy in the world! We will miss having him at the race this weekend.
-Kathy, Cody and girls