Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ryder Gets Gnarly @ BMX

Last week we made a trip to the BMX track about 20 minutes from our house. Ryder loves going there and riding all the "bumps" as he calls them. He got a killer new fox moto outfit from our friends that have three bigger boys. We got geared up and ripped the is what went down! Snack and ride, snack and ride.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday CX and Sunday Snow

Saturday was a sick cx race at bear creek park in morrison...They ran one "Open/Elite" category for all ages...the kicker, LE MANS START, so rad! They had us all put our bikes about 100feet up a small hill and then lined us up for the mad dash to the bike. I put my bike further in front of everyone, so as everyone was getting tangled up trying get on the bike i was already 20 feet in front and got the holeshot...not my plan since there are some "real time" pros like baker and pacocha. Once we hit the flat section i tried to suck wheels...hit the single track in 5th. Proceeded to get passed by a few "faster than me" dudes throughout the 1 hr. race. Was happy with a 13th place finish and Casey pulled a strong ride after a bad start for 10th. Super fun course with a good mix of technical singletrack, power sections, and sand.

Woke up sunday with a foot of snow on the ground...after some football TV action i decided to get "chronicles of gnarlia" and go for a ride. Only made it about an hour. Temp was low 20's and riding in snow is hard. After being on the trail by my house for 20min. i decided to just stay on the snow plowed roads. The snow would jam up my cassette and derailuer in 3min. It was more of an adventure than a workout.

the short lived "trail" section of my ride
This is what the rest of the ride looked like...Cold and wet.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

great days....are good

Fall is always awesome, especially right now with 12 day old Max (sleep is over rated!)
And Ryder (29months) is awesome and says the most hilarious stuff sometimes. Check back for a "Ryder BMX" blog!
Its a good and bad thing when training consists of whatever i can manage for the week..haha. Rad just kinda winging it and riding when i can and not stressing about workouts or saddle time.

This week has been decent. Did a nice long 3.5 hr road ride on sunday with hairy Jason M. and Casey Hill. Lots of climbing and it was colder than i had hoped (about 50 degrees). On Monday i got a good trainer session while watching the broncos get beat up by the steelers. Tuesday I rode my mtb for the first time in several weeks with my buddy Josh. We rode for 2 hrs at Lair the Bear fun. Wed i got in a quick 2hr workout with my other homie Mike. We rode a trail up in castle rock called ridgeline. Really smooth and fast! I need to bring by CX bike here. Mike is riding a 400$ dollar Giant that weighs about 40lbs....He was ripping. Coming from a motocross background he was flying on the descents and hanging strong on all the hills. We swapped bikes for a bit...not that rad! I forget how much of a difference a nice bike makes. Watch out for Mike when he gets a new bike. (here is Mike in the pic)

Monday, November 2, 2009

MAX: next generation of bad ass

Born: 10-30-09
7lbs 13oz.