Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday CX and Sunday Snow

Saturday was a sick cx race at bear creek park in morrison...They ran one "Open/Elite" category for all ages...the kicker, LE MANS START, so rad! They had us all put our bikes about 100feet up a small hill and then lined us up for the mad dash to the bike. I put my bike further in front of everyone, so as everyone was getting tangled up trying get on the bike i was already 20 feet in front and got the holeshot...not my plan since there are some "real time" pros like baker and pacocha. Once we hit the flat section i tried to suck wheels...hit the single track in 5th. Proceeded to get passed by a few "faster than me" dudes throughout the 1 hr. race. Was happy with a 13th place finish and Casey pulled a strong ride after a bad start for 10th. Super fun course with a good mix of technical singletrack, power sections, and sand.

Woke up sunday with a foot of snow on the ground...after some football TV action i decided to get "chronicles of gnarlia" and go for a ride. Only made it about an hour. Temp was low 20's and riding in snow is hard. After being on the trail by my house for 20min. i decided to just stay on the snow plowed roads. The snow would jam up my cassette and derailuer in 3min. It was more of an adventure than a workout.

the short lived "trail" section of my ride
This is what the rest of the ride looked like...Cold and wet.

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