Monday, December 21, 2009


Flashback to Xterra Nationals...during a practice swim the day before the race i got the chance to try out these "sable" goggles that a few homies were raving about. Being a skeptic i was like whatever, goggles are goggles. After i put my head under water and swam for a bit i was blown away...these are by far THE BEST goggles a human could use. So i was able to get a pair of them and have been swimming with them ever since...i only wish i would have knew about these sooner. I predict you will soon see most every triathlete using sable at races.

It's like i've been swimming with "beer goggles" until now. Trust me, just try a pair. The clarity and fit is insane, Its like you are wearing sunglasses joke. They are a bit pricey for a swim goggle, but fully worth the price. Right now you can get sable goggles at optical stores. Check out to find out where to buy...and to learn about all the crazy tech that makes sable the best piece of swim gear you could buy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i think i'm done

I think my season is finally over...time to pull the plug. I love the racing, but have you ever just not had any juice for a while and the "instict" you normally have during a race is gone? Well that is where i am at and i am ok with it. Went and raced an awesome course (Alpha CX) in centenial. Big, long, open course with 95% of it on grass (tough!, 2 sandpits and a bunch of off camber grass turns. It was super fun and more of a power course. My homie Brad White killed us all. He races road with "ouch pro cycling" ...he is the real deal. Casey had a very solid race to place 8th. I managed 18th after a couple minor crashes (only one was my fault)...after the race i was content and pretty much decided to be done racing for now. My fitness is not what i know it can be and that is frustrating. State CX is next week and im bummed not to race, but if i did i would just get pissed and be grouchy. I need some time off to up the "motivation meter". Gonna start swimming a bunch and just recharge.