Tuesday, December 1, 2009

i think i'm done

I think my season is finally over...time to pull the plug. I love the racing, but have you ever just not had any juice for a while and the "instict" you normally have during a race is gone? Well that is where i am at and i am ok with it. Went and raced an awesome course (Alpha CX) in centenial. Big, long, open course with 95% of it on grass (tough!, 2 sandpits and a bunch of off camber grass turns. It was super fun and more of a power course. My homie Brad White killed us all. He races road with "ouch pro cycling" ...he is the real deal. Casey had a very solid race to place 8th. I managed 18th after a couple minor crashes (only one was my fault)...after the race i was content and pretty much decided to be done racing for now. My fitness is not what i know it can be and that is frustrating. State CX is next week and im bummed not to race, but if i did i would just get pissed and be grouchy. I need some time off to up the "motivation meter". Gonna start swimming a bunch and just recharge.

(photo: 303cycling.com)

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