Friday, December 17, 2010

holidays and a sum-up. ...son

Offseason...eggnog, booze, and sweaters. I decided to put a summary together of my season with races and results. Not as much racing in 2010 as previous, but i had some killer races and loads of fun. Taking the next month super easy because work is crazy busy in JAN/FEB. I'll start ramping it back up 1st of march. Sorry i haven't been a good blogger...but i dont really care that much.

Xterra 4 Corners (NM) -3rd place overall, 1st place amateur
Xterra Dueces wild (AZ) -2nd place overall, 1st place amateur
Xterra BOLT (NE) -2nd place overall, 1st place amateur
Xterra Mtn Champs (CO) -DNF
Xterra National Champs (UT) -20th overall, 5th place amateur

Summer Open sprint Triathlon -8th place overall
Salida tenderfoot hillclimb -1st place overall
Fibark 5k -2nd place overall (17:41 @ 7050ft elevation)
Fibark MTB bike race -1st place overall (expert/open)
Bear Creek Trail run 5mile -1st place overall (28:23)
Bear Creek Trail run 7mile -1st place overall (41:07)

Advendure Xtreme (12hr) -2nd place (mens 4-open team)
Adventure Xtreme
National Championships -finished! (26hr race, 4person Elite -team lifequest)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

looming date with the pain train

Lack of posts have made my "blog"quite "blah" is the latest in a fast jumbled paragraph.
Becca and Me went to Canada (vancouver and whistler) was amazing! and a killer vacation with just the two of us. We went to whistler so i could race Xterra Canada...such a SICK SICK race! I'll be back next year....the bike course felt like a technical downhill course. The locals killed us, but i had so much fun racing. 17th overall and 2nd in age group behind Hairy Jason (bastard caught me in last mile of run)....My training has been solid with a small nagging knee issue...raced a 5mile trail run last wed and won...stoked. Held off Jason and Cody to win in 28:30 (it had to be a tad short!)...Heading back for tonight race of 6.5 miles...getting in some good pool time and open water and running has been going well. Knee pain is only on the bike...but i am feeling really solid for nationals coming up in 2 weeks...Sept. 25th is my hot date with the pain train...gonna leave everything i have out there for the mormans and utah mtns. SO pumped. Xterra planet did a rad article on Jason and some of us top amatuers. Stoked they used a bunch of my dumb quotes. (go check it out.) "love lasts longer than anything else"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Xterra BOLT race report

Finally got around to writing this during my 3hr layover in SLC....good times in airports.

Went to Race Xterra BOLT in good ol nebraska on Aug 14th. Jared the RD puts on an awesome race. Way challenging and super good vibe like xterra should be. Go race it next year!

Drove down to the race with the "old hammers" Rickey "22" Toliver and ED "old man" Oliver. These are basically the two fastest Xterra men in the nation over the age of 40. During the 6hr drive Rickey introduced us to the magical power of the Power Balance bracelets. I've heard some legends of these magic hologram rubber bands, and seen many athletes wearing them, but this was the first time i held one. Lucky for me Rickey had TWO of them and YES i was going to wear test wear one during the race...."help me holograms!"...the jury is out folks. So after some horrible pizza at the legendary locals pizza place we slept and dreamt big dreams of riding as fast as ED...and

RACE: Woke up and ate some "conti breaky" ...pretty sure i spied ED eating boiled eggs, Jason was talking about Jake, Rickey was activating his magic blacelets, and mike was already in his speedo just waiting to kill us in the swim. Got to race sight and I was already a bit sweaty...oh yeah it was UBER hot and UBER humid in NE. Like 95 degrees and 90% humidity...did i say challenging. I am not used to that crap so i was a bit worried...but then i remembered i had a POWER BALANCE bracelet on loan...all good! SWIM: The water was 84 degrees or something. We all decided no wetsuits even though it was ok to wear them? It was a point to point swim across the lake! rad. It was about 1300meters and i swam ok considering i hadn't been swimming at joke..well 1-2 times in 2-3 weeks. Came out with just behind ED and JASON. ok time to race BIKE: Decided to let ED go, not that i could have hung, but i wanted to slowly ramp it up and just ride consistent and hope i could run him down. Caught Jason and we ended up riding the entire bike course was sick taking turns and having someone to push with. He is a wattage machine (breaks cranks!) so he was major on the flats and i was a bit smoother in the turns and loose stuff. We passed everyone but ED and Cody Waite. RUN: I opted to have a bit slower transition and grab an ice pack and water bottle. It was a good idea cause when i caught JASON he saw ice in my shirt and got pissed and was so jealous he let me pass him. I was barely running faster than him so i had to try to pull away slow but steady, finally saw old man (ED) and caught him within the last mile. I probably could have run a bit faster if i was pushed, but it would have hurt so much, and cody was a few minutes up so i wasn't catching him. FINISHED SOLID for 2nd overall. Jason was 3rd, ED was 4th, Rickey 5th and Mike 6th...all 6 EPC dudes that came took top 6 spots! Felt good throught the whole race, and i ended up having the fastest run! (*by one second). Pumped because in my 3 xterras this year minus my awesome DNF at beaver creek i have been 1st place amature at all three races. Hope i can Hairy Jason a run for his title at nationals.

PODIUM: Cody raising his hands in triumph over us mere amatures.

Myself, Rickey, and the legendary Jacob Fisher.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


...just signed up for Xterra Bolt (aug14) in Nebraska. Some of the EPC crew is going back after last year so i decided to join them.

...will also be racing Xterra Canada in september. Becca and me and gonna take a VACA to vancouver that weekend so i'll do the race in whistler. should be super fun.

...been thinking alot about some other races i want to do. maybe a trail marathon or ultra run late this fall or early spring. Will try to do 24hr of moab again (4man or 2man).

"think fast and speak slow"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

video to hype you up...

i now feel like a pansy when i go downhill...this is amazing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

wheels off the bus...DNF

Not sure why i was total CRAP in beaver creek? Yes i got off a 20hr plane ride on thursday, but thats not a good enough reason for me. Everything prerace was normal and i ate all the same stuff as usual. First lap of swim i felt good and was ready to rage the bike. 2nd lap of swim i felt like crap, but didn't think anything of it. Started the bike and was moving ok the first 5min. Then i felt like i had to PEE really bad....strange as i have never had that happen when going this hard? Got a gnarly gut cramp/kidney pain...part "gotta pee" part "stomach cramps". Couldn't get the wheels rolling and i was super frustrated. Decided i was just gonna finish despite being several minutes behind jason and other top dude (shilo). Then my rear tire started pissing i stopped and was OK to be done. I peed and felt WAY better. I aired up tire and decided for the 2nd time that i would still finish the race....then before the last little dirt climb i could tell i was still losing air and no CO2 left. Stopped for 1-2 minutes and finally decided to just call it a day. Not my proudest moment. First DNF ever in a triathlon. Gonna take a short rest, and then get the ball rolling for i got something BIG to prove in OGDEN

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So if you ride front range trails of Colorado you know Mt Falcon. Its about 4 miles of steady uphill. No faking it here. Cody got me doing race effort tests here a few year back to see where fitness is and how the training is going. You will see EPC crew training here. It is a brutal and honest ride every time. Rough elevation gain is 1800-2000ft or so. Up top your sitting at 7900ft. On Sunday I was meeting some friends up top to ride a loop and then ride lair the bear down to Morrison. I decided to do a TT test up falcon before the ride...and i wanted to do it with no warm up since Beaver Creek is straight up right from transition. My legs felt heavy but GOOD, i tried to keep the pace high but manageable the whole way....HIT THE TOP in 25:09! This was a PR by far...up till Sunday the fastest i had ever done it was just a hair under 27min. Over the last few weeks my climbing has been good in training but i had no idea. This is killer motivation for the Xterra mt champs coming up. I feel like if i can run decent after the 3300ft of climbing at beaver creek i should be in the mix for top amateur...i gotta be realistic though as i will be in Australia for a work conference the whole week before BC and then a 24hr flight back on thursday before the race. I'm not gonna stress about it and just have fun.

Ryder turned 3 on monday! We all had a rad day at the gym on the trampoline and foam pit, got lunch at chipotle (his pick), a new toy car from target, and a bike ride in waterton with his new camelback...he probably stopped 20 times to take a drink (he was so pumped). He already has road rash on his elbows and knees from crashing his bike several times. He loves telling people his bike is a "specialized" and he always says stuff like "lets drop the hammer" or "i killed it" joke. AMAZING.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another weekend of fun suffering...

So we headed up to Salida Colorado to hang out with a bunch of family and do some races...Salida is an awesome little mtn town and every year they have this huge festival called FIBARK...its a ton of hippies and boaters from all over, but they have some fun running races and just added a MTB race last year (score!). I always look foward to this weekend and its killer training since salida is at about 8,000 feet elevation! So first race is the HILLCLIMB...its a gnarly 1.25mile race stright up "tenderfoot" hill and straight back down. My uncle was basically "the dude" back in the 80's on this race (its been happening since the 40's i think) so this race is fun and it was one of the first races i ever did when i was a kid. So ive raced it like 10-12 times....I've won it the last 5 times i have done it (and actually have the current record at 10:32). I did a hard 2.5hr workout the day before so i was worried the legs wouldn't fire like i needed, but they did. I won the race and did 11:08. Coming down is where you actually win or lose this race. Some kid beat me to the top by 5-10sec. Saturday was the 5k road race...pretty flat, but its at 8,000 feet so no one is setting any PR's...went out fast and let this guy (kid) catch me and then we ran the entire race side by side...he outkicked me at the end, so i was second in 17:44. After the race i talked to him and found out he runs at Tennessee and runs the mile...i had no chance! Sunday was the MTB race...i was super excited to do this race. The day before i rode one lap (6.5 miles and 1100ft climbing) of the course and knew it was gonna be a tough day. The race started at 10:30 and was already in the mid 80's when we started. I had a secret weapon though...i left my thin baselayer soaked in the ice cooler and put it on right before the start. There was only like 15 of us in the "cat1/open" field, but i knew a couple of the local guys would be flying. I was taking it easy for the first bit but some LOC dude decided to light it up right i had to keep him close. It was basically a long loose fire road climb (almost 1000ft)...then gnar tech steep downhill, then flat, then down to start/finish area. The 2 local dudes made work of me on the downhill on the first lap...i was close enough top see them starting second lap. My plan was to make a move on the climb second lap. I had Becca hand me big plastic cups of ice water in the fead zone (secret weapon #2) ...we started 2nd lap and once we hit the climb i dropped the 2 dudes like a hot pan. First dude was fried and 2nd dude kept me in sight...i know they could go down faster than me so i needed to grind the climb. Started my last lap in the lead and took more ice and 2 fresh bottles (it was in the 90's by then)...climbed hard but even pace. Rode the downhill carefull but fast as i could. Knew i had about 1-2 minutes on 2nd place so i was feeling good...had about 1/2mile to finish...then PSSSSSSSSS, my back tire was flat! Since i was almost to dirt road to finish i just cruised in the flat (had to run through a couple rock sections) pedaled through finish with flat tire....for the overall WIN!...2nd place was only 10sec behind me though! dang. So pumped the FELT carbon 9er...its killer. (Pics from the mountain mail paper in salida.)

Hillclimb (at top, then back down!)

Xterra Race Reports...over due.

XTERRA 4 CORNERS (NM): This is an awesome race... one of the best run races around and the whole town supports the race. They even set up grandstands for "locals" to come check out the action! The race started Early to save us from some NM heat. Woke up early with the dudes and we hit Dennys for some pre race food (gross, but somehow good?) SWIM: Started out pretty good, its full damage control for me every time i swim in a race. 2 lap course and it always takes too long. Hung with Will then he swam away from me (never happened before). RUN: Yep, you run second at this race. Started out strong and caught Nick Goodman, we ran the next mile or so together then i pulled away, was running strong and felt good. I let up towards the end of the 6mile run to save some juice for the bike leg...Nick beat me into transition...which was ok because i knew we could ride out together. BIKE: Started the bike with Nick and Mike (single speed maniac!) we hung together through first singletrack and Me and Nick took pulls on the road section. Once we hit the main singletrack i was feeling decent so i decided to just slowly ramp it up and not blow it all trying to drop Goodman. (im finally getting smart in my racing!) It worked well since i also seemed to be riding the corners a bit faster. This bike course is awesome...feels like a giant BMX track..tons of rythm rollers and tight corners, but you have to be able to keep the power up. Caught Will Kelsay in the big rollers section and couldn't drop him. We rode the rest of the course together and ended up catching Jason (thats when i knew i was having a killer race)...the three of traded blows and tried our best to get away. It was and epic battle that felt like a road race! Will beat me into the last tight corner before the finish line...i finished right on his wheel for 3rd overall (1st place amateur) and jason was only 5 sec about tight. Such a RAD way to finish.

SO after the crappy post race food, and cool awards...Me and ED Oliver packed the car and started the 4hr drive to Show Low AZ for the Xterra Dueces wild. It was 102 degrees as we drove through AZ! kept ice on my legs and did my best to recover...(pedialite, pretzels, ice on legs, compression socks, good tunes)

XTERRA DUECES WILD (AZ): Next day! Another eraly morning breakfast at dennys...but the motivation and pump was not there like the day before. I was more laid back and "whatever" up until the start since i was tired from sat race. SWIM: It was a long 800meter swim for 2-3 longer. My shoulders hurt the whole time...brutal. Came out like 20th or so. BIKE: Tough course that required some handling skill and navigation...yep navigation...the course whas not marked well at we all did some bushwacking but no one seemed to get off course to much. Started the bike with Nick Goodman again and ED (hammer) Oliver. We pushed the pace and passed a ton of dudes. I got away from both of them on the only longer climb of the course. Kept it strong to transition and could see Will Kelsay leave transition as i got close. He had about 1.5min on me so i knew it would be tough if he ran ok. As i ran out i saw NicK Goodman coming into to T2...damnit! is what i thought "this is gonna hurt" because Nick is a good runner. I just had to hold it together for the next was not easy. the hills hurt and the heat was on big time. Everytime i could see Nick he was only 30sec behind me..ouch! Was somehow able to hold him off...and pulled out another 1st place amateur and 2nd overall. I was psyched, and super done after 2 days and 2 Xterras. Ed crushed everyone in his age group and finished 7th overall. The worst part....the 9hr drive home. Thank God for Chipolte and AC. (no race pics because i never "buy" photos of myself racing...doesn't feel right)

Monday, June 7, 2010

2 Xterras...2 Days...2 States

Over the weekend I raced Xterra 4 Corners (NM) and Xterra Deuces Wild (AZ).
I was able to put together two very solid races back to back....2010 is killer so far!

Saturday: Xterra (NM). I was 3rd place overall and 1st place amateur.
I managed to throw down the fastest bike by 2 minutes over entire field. Thanks FELT 29er!(1:14:24)

Sunday: Xterra dueces wild in AZ. I managed to repeat and was 1st place amateur and 2nd overall.

Needless to say the 10hr drive home for Monday work was the hardest part of the whole weekend.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Took Ryders training wheels off on wed...My brother shot this video on Sun.

Ryder Jay from isaiah jay on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

summer open sprint tri

I decide to blow out some cobwebs and race a great sprint tri up in longmont, near boulder. While the rest of the homies where off sweating balls in Xterra Waco I decided to get my "TRI GEEK" on. Plan: Go race a sprint after some big volume, have fun, turn myself inside out, not be the last place elite racer (there was 12 of us). Got up butt crack of dawn at 5am...and loaded the boys and gear. Ryder was in his pajamas and kinda pumped for no real reason (rad!). Jammed out to some M83 and JayZ on the 1hr drive to longmont. I didn't race any road triathlons last season so I had easily forgoted the huge amount of aero gear you will see at any given road tri. Since we are near boulder this race was exceptional on seeing"uber fast tri geek" kits. I don't have an aero helmet and I think I got a dirty look from someone because my road bike is not carbon. Water was cold (60*)! Got in a quick warmup. I am really stoked to be swimming in the new Xterra Vector Pro X2. It fits amazing and the Xterra Wetsuit crew has been really cool to help me out this season. Thanks guys! Check out my new Mafia Racing rad! I am also rocking sable goggles. Check out SABLE they are worth every penny.
The Race: I felt ok in the swim, a little tired from masters the day before (i gotta up the pool time!). Managed to get out in 11:35 for a 750. Time to crank and pass some people. Passed about 10-15 people in transition (37seconds!) and started the 12.5 mile bike. It took a bit to settle in a good pace but i was passing dudes left and right. I swear i was the only one without a TT bike/disc/aero helmet. I rode myself into 10th place overall and averaged 25.5mph..all good and the bike was over way to fast (not bad since i haven't done any max efforts on the road bike!) Came into transition with another elite dude (tim hola) was hot on my heels and no one in site in front of me. I was struggling to get any turnover the first 3/4 of a mile, but it flushed out and i was able to pick up the pace and actually caught 2 more racers that were hurting. Finished my 5k in 18:30 with a 5:58mile pace. Not great but i was going slow the first 3/ i was happy. Crossed the line in 8th overall (1:00:47). Felt good about the race and had fun, Good day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

adventure xtreme 12hr race

So we headed to Buena Vista for some adventure racing this last weekend. The race is part of adventure xtreme series...and i am down with anything EXTREME! .. (Mt dew, rollerblades, red bull) all the normal extreme stuff. We raced as a 4 man team. Hairy Jason, Casey Hill, Boogie, Myself. Old man ed was gonna race but he had something come up...probably osteoporosis was acting up or wheelchair needed fixed?? So we took a gamble and recruited a guy named "boogie" last minute....lets just say we did better than any NFL team got in the first draft. The dude was strong like on ox and was down with all our sarcasm for 10.5 hrs. Woke up at 4am, drove with casey to race (after he got speeding ticket). The race started with a 3+ mile run up some steep hills to break things up, then quick change (except for jason) and hop in the kayaks for 6mile downriver paddle. Water was low, so it wasn't as EXTREME as i had dreamed of the night before. Over the next 8 hrs we biked, hiked, ran, traversed this massive canyon on ropes (way extreme!...casey was scared) drank, ate, got cold, got lost, got pissed, laughed at caseys shorts (he wore some WAY SHORT old school bright blue tri shorts just to be funny) we suffered and came up with some great extreme nicknames...Jason (sebastian) Casey (lawrence) Me (doug) Boogie (to good to change). We finished with some major ass kicking on the final bike portion and we finished 2nd place in the 4 man open division. 10hrs and 26min of training for the day.

Boogie getting extreme at the finish.
About to get extreme on the traverse!
Jason pooped his can't stop for anything in these adventure races.

snowing behind us!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the good things in life

Becca killed the Cherry Creek Sneak....ran 38:00 for a 5mile race.
Ryder liked his snacks and watching all the people in short shorts.
Speaking of short shorts, got some new swimsuits in the mail a couple weeks ago.

Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend training

We had killer weather this out for a nice 3+hr mtb on sat with a solid 35 min run after. I rode the new MTB on some trails up in deer creek from my house...yep! i can ride to these trails. sucka. felt ok, strength is coming back good...speed is not there yet, and i need to lose about 5lbs... On sunday i cruised up deer creek on the road bike for some 10min big gear intervals. Brutal, but my legs felt good and i got a solid 2.5 ride in. I'm gonna skip xterra vegas for a few reasons, and being slow right now would be the MAIN reason im skipping the race. Should be ready to roll by mid to late may. Between work and 2 little dudes its been really tough to get in the time i need to be race fit, but I have been SUPER motivated though for every workout i do get in. I got to make it count.
I'll be racing in the fastest age group this year (30-34) with dudes like hairy Jason (national champ) and Hilgers is gonna be real fast... so i'm really looking foward to some good battles out there.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

happy late easter!

We made a trip down to pueblo so the boys could hang with grandparents and me and becca got out for a rad little MTB ride on the pueblo singletrack. New bike is amazing! (i gave it two thumbs up)

coloring easter eggs & riding is good!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

todays run

so i left early today to go down to new mexico for work...i was in taos then over to santa fe. after i finished work i found this great trail just outside town in santa fe. it was 70 degrees so i was stoked to run a t-shirt and shorts. within a few minutes of starting my run i was dodging a small river from the runoff and once i got higher it turned into big snow drifts. crazy! running in 70 degree temps, going from hard dry dirt to mud to dirt and snow all in a 50min run. good stuff!

my training has been getting better, and the fitness is starting to come around. got a good 1.5hr swim followed by a 1hr 45min trail run with all the EPC dudes on sat. then me and casey did a 3hr road ride up deer creek and high grade. casey is gonna be a fast sob this year. yep.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

feel this felt....

On monday i picked up my new Felt Nine LTD frame from David at Mafia racing. So hyped to get this bike and can't wait to race it. Really stoked to have FELT on board for this year helping me out...thanks Mafia and Thanks FELT!. Becca made fun of me for taking pictures of it. I got the new fork put on (reba race) and my old handlebars and brakes. Also running the new Fizik Tundra saddle. Already had it on my road bike for the last month and its awesome. Should have it done by this weekend for a little test ride!!!! To bad we have 6inches of snow outside.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

some updates and MUSIC

Getting back on the horse with some solid training...lots of trainer workouts now that we have 2 kids. Pretty stoked to have a couple new "partners/sponsors" on board for 2010. Xterra wetsuits! and Felt Bikes! I will be riding on the new Felt carbon 29er, and swimming in the fastest wetsuits around. If you are bored of your current music mixes, try these. Great stuff from "little boots" and some remixes of "yeah yeah yeahs"......PEACE!

Friday, February 5, 2010

sk8 or die

Ryder wearing his new pads. He calls them his "ipods". Ripping some concrete.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

best and worse of 2009

BEST: Cyclocross. 29er hardtails. Good food. My boys. Becca. Bmx track. Skatepark by my house. Free stuff. Racing with friends. Junior boys. M83. Snowboarding. Learning to sk8ski. Driving all over. Brunch/coffe at toast. Dwell. Pears. Speedos.
Lair the Bear. Intervals with Jason.

WORST: Ed hardy. Tan team kits. Meatheads on bikes. Daughtry or Nickelback. Biggest loser. Riding inside. Affliction. Dudes on EPO. Cramps at nationals. Flat tires. Flat legs. DNF's. Intervals with Jason. Crappy wi-fi.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Not sure who thought making "tan" kits would be cool.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

new Felt frame coming soon!

here is what i'll be riding for 2010! Felt LTD 29er.....more to come. Hyped.