Tuesday, January 19, 2010

best and worse of 2009

BEST: Cyclocross. 29er hardtails. Good food. My boys. Becca. Bmx track. Skatepark by my house. Free stuff. Racing with friends. Junior boys. M83. Snowboarding. Learning to sk8ski. Driving all over. Brunch/coffe at toast. Dwell. Pears. Speedos.
Lair the Bear. Intervals with Jason.

WORST: Ed hardy. Tan team kits. Meatheads on bikes. Daughtry or Nickelback. Biggest loser. Riding inside. Affliction. Dudes on EPO. Cramps at nationals. Flat tires. Flat legs. DNF's. Intervals with Jason. Crappy wi-fi.

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