Tuesday, March 30, 2010

todays run

so i left early today to go down to new mexico for work...i was in taos then over to santa fe. after i finished work i found this great trail just outside town in santa fe. it was 70 degrees so i was stoked to run a t-shirt and shorts. within a few minutes of starting my run i was dodging a small river from the runoff and once i got higher it turned into big snow drifts. crazy! running in 70 degree temps, going from hard dry dirt to mud to dirt and snow all in a 50min run. good stuff!

my training has been getting better, and the fitness is starting to come around. got a good 1.5hr swim followed by a 1hr 45min trail run with all the EPC dudes on sat. then me and casey did a 3hr road ride up deer creek and high grade. casey is gonna be a fast sob this year. yep.

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