Monday, April 12, 2010

weekend training

We had killer weather this out for a nice 3+hr mtb on sat with a solid 35 min run after. I rode the new MTB on some trails up in deer creek from my house...yep! i can ride to these trails. sucka. felt ok, strength is coming back good...speed is not there yet, and i need to lose about 5lbs... On sunday i cruised up deer creek on the road bike for some 10min big gear intervals. Brutal, but my legs felt good and i got a solid 2.5 ride in. I'm gonna skip xterra vegas for a few reasons, and being slow right now would be the MAIN reason im skipping the race. Should be ready to roll by mid to late may. Between work and 2 little dudes its been really tough to get in the time i need to be race fit, but I have been SUPER motivated though for every workout i do get in. I got to make it count.
I'll be racing in the fastest age group this year (30-34) with dudes like hairy Jason (national champ) and Hilgers is gonna be real fast... so i'm really looking foward to some good battles out there.

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