Thursday, May 13, 2010

adventure xtreme 12hr race

So we headed to Buena Vista for some adventure racing this last weekend. The race is part of adventure xtreme series...and i am down with anything EXTREME! .. (Mt dew, rollerblades, red bull) all the normal extreme stuff. We raced as a 4 man team. Hairy Jason, Casey Hill, Boogie, Myself. Old man ed was gonna race but he had something come up...probably osteoporosis was acting up or wheelchair needed fixed?? So we took a gamble and recruited a guy named "boogie" last minute....lets just say we did better than any NFL team got in the first draft. The dude was strong like on ox and was down with all our sarcasm for 10.5 hrs. Woke up at 4am, drove with casey to race (after he got speeding ticket). The race started with a 3+ mile run up some steep hills to break things up, then quick change (except for jason) and hop in the kayaks for 6mile downriver paddle. Water was low, so it wasn't as EXTREME as i had dreamed of the night before. Over the next 8 hrs we biked, hiked, ran, traversed this massive canyon on ropes (way extreme!...casey was scared) drank, ate, got cold, got lost, got pissed, laughed at caseys shorts (he wore some WAY SHORT old school bright blue tri shorts just to be funny) we suffered and came up with some great extreme nicknames...Jason (sebastian) Casey (lawrence) Me (doug) Boogie (to good to change). We finished with some major ass kicking on the final bike portion and we finished 2nd place in the 4 man open division. 10hrs and 26min of training for the day.

Boogie getting extreme at the finish.
About to get extreme on the traverse!
Jason pooped his can't stop for anything in these adventure races.

snowing behind us!

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boogie said...

That was a great race and I really had a great time. You guys are good people. I wish we were doing it again this weekend.
Thanks for the kind words, Doug.