Tuesday, May 25, 2010

summer open sprint tri

I decide to blow out some cobwebs and race a great sprint tri up in longmont, near boulder. While the rest of the homies where off sweating balls in Xterra Waco I decided to get my "TRI GEEK" on. Plan: Go race a sprint after some big volume, have fun, turn myself inside out, not be the last place elite racer (there was 12 of us). Got up butt crack of dawn at 5am...and loaded the boys and gear. Ryder was in his pajamas and kinda pumped for no real reason (rad!). Jammed out to some M83 and JayZ on the 1hr drive to longmont. I didn't race any road triathlons last season so I had easily forgoted the huge amount of aero gear you will see at any given road tri. Since we are near boulder this race was exceptional on seeing"uber fast tri geek" kits. I don't have an aero helmet and I think I got a dirty look from someone because my road bike is not carbon. Water was cold (60*)! Got in a quick warmup. I am really stoked to be swimming in the new Xterra Vector Pro X2. It fits amazing and the Xterra Wetsuit crew has been really cool to help me out this season. Thanks guys! Check out my new Mafia Racing skinsuit....so rad! I am also rocking sable goggles. Check out SABLE they are worth every penny.
The Race: I felt ok in the swim, a little tired from masters the day before (i gotta up the pool time!). Managed to get out in 11:35 for a 750. Time to crank and pass some people. Passed about 10-15 people in transition (37seconds!) and started the 12.5 mile bike. It took a bit to settle in a good pace but i was passing dudes left and right. I swear i was the only one without a TT bike/disc/aero helmet. I rode myself into 10th place overall and averaged 25.5mph..all good and the bike was over way to fast (not bad since i haven't done any max efforts on the road bike!) Came into transition with another elite dude (tim hola) was hot on my heels and no one in site in front of me. I was struggling to get any turnover the first 3/4 of a mile, but it flushed out and i was able to pick up the pace and actually caught 2 more racers that were hurting. Finished my 5k in 18:30 with a 5:58mile pace. Not great but i was going slow the first 3/4mile...so i was happy. Crossed the line in 8th overall (1:00:47). Felt good about the race and had fun, Good day!

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