Thursday, June 24, 2010

Xterra Race Reports...over due.

XTERRA 4 CORNERS (NM): This is an awesome race... one of the best run races around and the whole town supports the race. They even set up grandstands for "locals" to come check out the action! The race started Early to save us from some NM heat. Woke up early with the dudes and we hit Dennys for some pre race food (gross, but somehow good?) SWIM: Started out pretty good, its full damage control for me every time i swim in a race. 2 lap course and it always takes too long. Hung with Will then he swam away from me (never happened before). RUN: Yep, you run second at this race. Started out strong and caught Nick Goodman, we ran the next mile or so together then i pulled away, was running strong and felt good. I let up towards the end of the 6mile run to save some juice for the bike leg...Nick beat me into transition...which was ok because i knew we could ride out together. BIKE: Started the bike with Nick and Mike (single speed maniac!) we hung together through first singletrack and Me and Nick took pulls on the road section. Once we hit the main singletrack i was feeling decent so i decided to just slowly ramp it up and not blow it all trying to drop Goodman. (im finally getting smart in my racing!) It worked well since i also seemed to be riding the corners a bit faster. This bike course is awesome...feels like a giant BMX track..tons of rythm rollers and tight corners, but you have to be able to keep the power up. Caught Will Kelsay in the big rollers section and couldn't drop him. We rode the rest of the course together and ended up catching Jason (thats when i knew i was having a killer race)...the three of traded blows and tried our best to get away. It was and epic battle that felt like a road race! Will beat me into the last tight corner before the finish line...i finished right on his wheel for 3rd overall (1st place amateur) and jason was only 5 sec about tight. Such a RAD way to finish.

SO after the crappy post race food, and cool awards...Me and ED Oliver packed the car and started the 4hr drive to Show Low AZ for the Xterra Dueces wild. It was 102 degrees as we drove through AZ! kept ice on my legs and did my best to recover...(pedialite, pretzels, ice on legs, compression socks, good tunes)

XTERRA DUECES WILD (AZ): Next day! Another eraly morning breakfast at dennys...but the motivation and pump was not there like the day before. I was more laid back and "whatever" up until the start since i was tired from sat race. SWIM: It was a long 800meter swim for 2-3 longer. My shoulders hurt the whole time...brutal. Came out like 20th or so. BIKE: Tough course that required some handling skill and navigation...yep navigation...the course whas not marked well at we all did some bushwacking but no one seemed to get off course to much. Started the bike with Nick Goodman again and ED (hammer) Oliver. We pushed the pace and passed a ton of dudes. I got away from both of them on the only longer climb of the course. Kept it strong to transition and could see Will Kelsay leave transition as i got close. He had about 1.5min on me so i knew it would be tough if he ran ok. As i ran out i saw NicK Goodman coming into to T2...damnit! is what i thought "this is gonna hurt" because Nick is a good runner. I just had to hold it together for the next was not easy. the hills hurt and the heat was on big time. Everytime i could see Nick he was only 30sec behind me..ouch! Was somehow able to hold him off...and pulled out another 1st place amateur and 2nd overall. I was psyched, and super done after 2 days and 2 Xterras. Ed crushed everyone in his age group and finished 7th overall. The worst part....the 9hr drive home. Thank God for Chipolte and AC. (no race pics because i never "buy" photos of myself racing...doesn't feel right)

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jameson said...

so rad man... way to back it up. i think i am jumping back in the xterra game next year... and the double sounds fun!

what are your racing plans the rest of the season?