Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So if you ride front range trails of Colorado you know Mt Falcon. Its about 4 miles of steady uphill. No faking it here. Cody got me doing race effort tests here a few year back to see where fitness is and how the training is going. You will see EPC crew training here. It is a brutal and honest ride every time. Rough elevation gain is 1800-2000ft or so. Up top your sitting at 7900ft. On Sunday I was meeting some friends up top to ride a loop and then ride lair the bear down to Morrison. I decided to do a TT test up falcon before the ride...and i wanted to do it with no warm up since Beaver Creek is straight up right from transition. My legs felt heavy but GOOD, i tried to keep the pace high but manageable the whole way....HIT THE TOP in 25:09! This was a PR by far...up till Sunday the fastest i had ever done it was just a hair under 27min. Over the last few weeks my climbing has been good in training but i had no idea. This is killer motivation for the Xterra mt champs coming up. I feel like if i can run decent after the 3300ft of climbing at beaver creek i should be in the mix for top amateur...i gotta be realistic though as i will be in Australia for a work conference the whole week before BC and then a 24hr flight back on thursday before the race. I'm not gonna stress about it and just have fun.

Ryder turned 3 on monday! We all had a rad day at the gym on the trampoline and foam pit, got lunch at chipotle (his pick), a new toy car from target, and a bike ride in waterton with his new camelback...he probably stopped 20 times to take a drink (he was so pumped). He already has road rash on his elbows and knees from crashing his bike several times. He loves telling people his bike is a "specialized" and he always says stuff like "lets drop the hammer" or "i killed it"
...no joke. AMAZING.

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