Monday, July 19, 2010

wheels off the bus...DNF

Not sure why i was total CRAP in beaver creek? Yes i got off a 20hr plane ride on thursday, but thats not a good enough reason for me. Everything prerace was normal and i ate all the same stuff as usual. First lap of swim i felt good and was ready to rage the bike. 2nd lap of swim i felt like crap, but didn't think anything of it. Started the bike and was moving ok the first 5min. Then i felt like i had to PEE really bad....strange as i have never had that happen when going this hard? Got a gnarly gut cramp/kidney pain...part "gotta pee" part "stomach cramps". Couldn't get the wheels rolling and i was super frustrated. Decided i was just gonna finish despite being several minutes behind jason and other top dude (shilo). Then my rear tire started pissing i stopped and was OK to be done. I peed and felt WAY better. I aired up tire and decided for the 2nd time that i would still finish the race....then before the last little dirt climb i could tell i was still losing air and no CO2 left. Stopped for 1-2 minutes and finally decided to just call it a day. Not my proudest moment. First DNF ever in a triathlon. Gonna take a short rest, and then get the ball rolling for i got something BIG to prove in OGDEN

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