Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Xterra BOLT race report

Finally got around to writing this during my 3hr layover in SLC....good times in airports.

Went to Race Xterra BOLT in good ol nebraska on Aug 14th. Jared the RD puts on an awesome race. Way challenging and super good vibe like xterra should be. Go race it next year!

Drove down to the race with the "old hammers" Rickey "22" Toliver and ED "old man" Oliver. These are basically the two fastest Xterra men in the nation over the age of 40. During the 6hr drive Rickey introduced us to the magical power of the Power Balance bracelets. I've heard some legends of these magic hologram rubber bands, and seen many athletes wearing them, but this was the first time i held one. Lucky for me Rickey had TWO of them and YES i was going to wear test wear one during the race...."help me holograms!"...the jury is out folks. So after some horrible pizza at the legendary locals pizza place we slept and dreamt big dreams of riding as fast as ED...and

RACE: Woke up and ate some "conti breaky" ...pretty sure i spied ED eating boiled eggs, Jason was talking about Jake, Rickey was activating his magic blacelets, and mike was already in his speedo just waiting to kill us in the swim. Got to race sight and I was already a bit sweaty...oh yeah it was UBER hot and UBER humid in NE. Like 95 degrees and 90% humidity...did i say challenging. I am not used to that crap so i was a bit worried...but then i remembered i had a POWER BALANCE bracelet on loan...all good! SWIM: The water was 84 degrees or something. We all decided no wetsuits even though it was ok to wear them? It was a point to point swim across the lake! rad. It was about 1300meters and i swam ok considering i hadn't been swimming at joke..well 1-2 times in 2-3 weeks. Came out with just behind ED and JASON. ok time to race BIKE: Decided to let ED go, not that i could have hung, but i wanted to slowly ramp it up and just ride consistent and hope i could run him down. Caught Jason and we ended up riding the entire bike course was sick taking turns and having someone to push with. He is a wattage machine (breaks cranks!) so he was major on the flats and i was a bit smoother in the turns and loose stuff. We passed everyone but ED and Cody Waite. RUN: I opted to have a bit slower transition and grab an ice pack and water bottle. It was a good idea cause when i caught JASON he saw ice in my shirt and got pissed and was so jealous he let me pass him. I was barely running faster than him so i had to try to pull away slow but steady, finally saw old man (ED) and caught him within the last mile. I probably could have run a bit faster if i was pushed, but it would have hurt so much, and cody was a few minutes up so i wasn't catching him. FINISHED SOLID for 2nd overall. Jason was 3rd, ED was 4th, Rickey 5th and Mike 6th...all 6 EPC dudes that came took top 6 spots! Felt good throught the whole race, and i ended up having the fastest run! (*by one second). Pumped because in my 3 xterras this year minus my awesome DNF at beaver creek i have been 1st place amature at all three races. Hope i can Hairy Jason a run for his title at nationals.

PODIUM: Cody raising his hands in triumph over us mere amatures.

Myself, Rickey, and the legendary Jacob Fisher.

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