Thursday, December 29, 2011

growing up legit

So me and Max did a sweet little workout the other day. Deer Creek Trail with entire trail snowpacked! Deer creek to Plymouth creek loop and back (about 8-9 miles and 2000+ feet of climbing) Max was pumped and loves to be in the pack for hikes. He loves it even more when i jump off a rock or hop cause he gets tossed around in the backpack harness...who wouldn't love that ride? We stopped at 55min for animal crackers and water...and he hiked for 10min by rad. After 90min (50% running, 50% powerhiking) with a 30+lb pack I was pretty smoked. In the last year or so Deer creek has turned into one of my favorite training spots. Killer vertical and a mix of everything for MTB and amazing for hard trail runs. Its 10-15 drive from our house and rarely that busy. Hit me up if you want to join me sometime!

almost to the top

the trail

going down steep hill...trekking pole to keep him stable!

Yep...pretty sure thats a mountain lion track! (as big as my hand)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

snow patrol

1:20 run---2200+ climbing---9degrees---no one on the trails!---mountain man shit.

looking southwest towards our house

moon shot from trail

looking east towards denver

the trail


Monday, December 5, 2011

more stupid crossfitters....

*Why am I not suprised this dude is a crossfitter? but a nursing student also?? really? F- on the common sense. (i had to double check it wasn't april 1st)
Long Hoang decided to mail a package while running in this strange workout uniform.
Common sense was not on display in San Jose last week. On Tuesday, 29-year-old Long Hoang, a nursing student, decided to don a gas mask and go for a run. According to Hoang, the idea for the mask was to train simulating a run at high altitude–part of Hoang’s new “Crossfit” workout routine. He also donned a 10-pound weight vest.

Seeing a gas-mask runner was odd enough, but the story get’s weirder when Hoang decided to drop by the busiest post office in San Jose and mail a package during his run.

The bomb squad was called, while firefighters and postal inspectors closed down blocks surrounding the post office.

When asked if he thought his routine a bit strange, Houng responded with indifference. “Yeah,” he said. “But when I’m in my little zone, and I’m just running and doing my thing, it wasn’t put into context.”

Houng later turned himself into the authorities, saving the police hours of detective work.

“Totally big misunderstanding, totally unintended on my part,” Hoang said. “I won’t do anything like this ever again.”

Monday, November 7, 2011

quality music

A couple killer tunes from M83 and Phantagram. Recently saw Phantagram in Denver and it was just as good as i had hoped. Enjoy these.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

come race this sunday

Low-key offroad bear creek state park. SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY. Should be fun, Come race!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

come and gone....

Xterra nationals was this last weekend. A little bummed to have a lackluster performance, but I still had fun and it's always good to race and travel with good dudes like Patrick Valentine and Nick Fisher. After a slow and normal swim i was ready to rip the bike. I was riding away from most people and only got passed by John Klish and Nick Fisher (The 2 strongest age group cyclist). But i wasn't killing it..i felt a bit heavy with no snap. Once on the run my meltdown happened. After the uphill i just couldn't get the legs going and my stomach felt weird. I was just plugging along. I came around the last corner and saw Klish!...its a 50yd uphill and then 50yds downhill to finish...i completely buried myself to pass him and got a 5 sec gap into the finish...but i paid dearly for it, and started to puke. YEP! i puked once befor finish line (full stride) and then after i crossed. Major apologies to the disgusted stectators who mostly came just to see LANCE. After the race Nick borrowed a wakeboard boat and we went lake surfing for a few hrs after the race in pineview rez! good times.

It's tough to get beat that bad by guys i normally can hang with. I love this sport and am always after "that race" when everything clicks. I need to look at what i am doing wrong and have a better off-season. Looking foward to some CX and running races. I think i'll have a bit more focus on adventure racing next season but still do a bunch of Xterra races. Just Enjoying the ride as much as possible!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

feel like surfing, but live in colorado?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Surfing in Byron Bay Australia
Post race: Summit adventure race...."winning!"

Before the adventure race all geared out...rei would be proud.

Starting the Orienteering/run section.

Post Beaver Creek Xterra (photo: Mike Nelson)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

racing my face off (sort of)

quick update before i do the full race reports...its been busy with work, but have been able to sneak some racing in on the weekends.

FIRECRACKER 50: 1st place in Mens Team Open (Jason Hilgers/Myself) 54mile MTB race.

SUMMIT Adventure Race: 1st place team! (12hr race) We even beat all the 2 person teams.

XTERRA Beaver Creek: 18th overall, 6th amature (not my best race, but it was still fun)

....check back soon for pics and super exciting blogness.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

need some new neoprene?

Xterra makes killer wetsuits at great prices. They are also a really cool company and have been awesome to work with. Need new suit? Go try one on, and you'll see!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Xterra 4 corners report (june 4th)

Killer race down in Farmington NM. This is the 3rd year I've done this race and all three years I have placed 3rd overall. So as you know by now I got 3rd.....whats that? yep 3rd, 3 times. The bike course here is awesome (super flowy and bmx'ish). I was a bit bummed it wasn't longer but the race is sick regardless. The old race was a swim/run/ was cool doing a different format but they used to have 2 transitions and a section on the paved road. The new course is all offroad and the new run is TOUGH and way more fun. The city really gets behind this race and even helps promote and run the race. Here is a link to some quotes i had in local paper about the race.
Farmington NM Daily Times
Luke Jay, of Littleton, Colo., is also back in the field of 200 individuals for the third straight year. He finished third last year, but still wishes the course finished with the legendary bike ride. (i never said that! dang reporters)

"Honestly, it is kind of fun to do it the other way just because all the other races we do are in the traditional format, so it was always fun to have something different," Jay said. "It will be fun, and the new run course will be great. But the bike is definitely the reason I keep coming back. It is super fun with tons of rhythm and it's super flowy. It isn't that technical but it is deceptive because you can lose a lot of time in the corners and over the rollers if you're not staying on your pedals."

THE RACE: After a terrible swim which is very close to a great swim for me I got on the bike and started my normal race routine and pick off as many people as possible and try to deflate some other legs as I ride by. It was going ok but I didn't have the power and snap needed to really make a dent. I ate way to late (5:30 and the race was a 7am) so i had a sweet GUT BOMB the whole race and a lack of power. The bike was only 15 miles long so it was tought to make up anytime. I came off the bike in 3rd and held that position on the run. I knew cody and nick where up a ways so i wasnt catching them. I pushed the run in spots, but didn't bury myself and just maintained and held 3rd to the line. I still had a blast and was able to get 3rd behind Cody and Nick (i beat nick last year, but he crushed me this year)...did i mention i was 3rd again? Had a rad time driving to race with Jason Hilgers (5th overall) and Marcus Brady (BMX phenom)....between Jason's coffee habits and Marcus's "ill advised" driving skills, and chatting about amazing "twitters" the 6hr drive was full of comedy and tragedy that made it go fast.

Post race : Jason(5th), Myself (3rd), Cody (1st)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011


(sorry, i've been slacking on blog) If you like hard and technical mtb courses and feel like most xterra courses are a "blue run" then go do Xterra moab next year. This was actually my first xterra about 5 years ago and i did not remember the gnarliness of the bike course. I was stoked they brought it back. RACE DAY: ate some breakfast at denny's with Becca (i think our waiter was buzzed on some coke) and headed to the race. Saw tons of fellow "xterra buds" and set up transition. Water was cold but felt good. Swim went decent (if swimming slow is ok) and i had a fast transition. Nick Fisher caught me on the big road climb up to the trail (he was flying!) i hung with him for about 8min until the first rocky climb...i hammered up the steep slickrock and SNAP!....broke my chain...shitballs. Luckily Jeff Dewitt had a chain tool and was right behind me. Thanks Jeff!!! He did warn me the chaintool was a crappy one. I went to work and needless to say didnt have a fast "chain fix" (about 10+min). So I decided to just have fun and hammer the bike to see how many people i could catch...i almost blew up about 15min later, but calmed myself down and got in a good rythm...the bike course is sick gnarly. I saw 3 bad crashes since i was riding through people the whole way. Was in 10th place overall by end of bike. Had a decent run (about 1-2 minutes off Nick and Brad Zoller) but i smoked my legs pretty hard on the bike. Ended up finishing 8th overall. Was happy with my fitness. Props to Nick Fisher, the dude was on fire. He beat us all pretty bad. Even without the chain break I would have had a tough time staying with him.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

photo of the day


Monday, April 11, 2011

MOAB adventure race..the good, the bad, the weird.

MOAB: We killed it...finished a 12hr course in 5hr 58min! First place co-ed team. 2nd place overall team across the line. We did about 30miles of mtb, 6-8 miles running, 300ft reppel, 10mile kayak. WEIRD: I did a full endo flip the day before (pre-riding on a dirt road!)...Jason forgot his harness during race and we got a 1hr penalty (knocked us down a few places)....then we hit a deer driving home (crushed the front end of our new minivan). *big thanks to LIFEQUEST for supporting/sponsoring our team and allowing us to race these awesome events!

Friday, March 4, 2011

ryder goes snowboarding

1st day on the hill! He skied for about 5 min, and then said "dad i don't want to ski anymore...can you get me a snowboard?" So i went to the rental shop and swapped for the smallest boots and board they had. He loved it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

is it almost time?

Getting my butt back into shape...not the easiest thing after tons of work and lots of time in my car, trying not to eat total crap. The last 2 months have been nuts with work. Its going great and I'm enjoying it, just wishing i had an extra 2-3 hrs every day. I have driven about 55k miles in one year for work. Its way better than a cubicle....right?

I'm psyched to have a few new supporters on board for the 2011 season. LIFEQUEST is a great non-profit based in Colorado springs. They support soldiers and ex military people in multiple ways. One of the primary ways is through racing. I am really stoked to be helping them out and getting these guys out there experiencing the beauty of racing Xterra and Adventure races. I will be doing more adventure racing this season with the LIFEQUEST pro team.

Also back on board with EPC MULTISPORT for the season. Cody Waite had built a killer team of elite and age group athletes primarly focused on the Xterra circut. Need some coaching or training advice? Cody is your man. Join us for some fun/hard workouts in the next few months!

I will also be racing for ADRENALINE CYLES . Check out this great little shop in littleton for any cycling and triathlon needs. Matt is the man. I will be racing for these guys and we have some 12hr and 24hr mtb events on the well as a rad CX season once fall rolls around.
Big thanks to Trevor at SKINFIT for the new skinsuit. These suits are really nice. Can't wait to pee and spill gels all over it.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ryder jay...getting some HERO press

check it out....
-Ryder getting "Cru Jones" on the BMX track just after the look on his face...fear and determination at the exact same time. amazing!
and check out the blog while your there.