Thursday, March 3, 2011

is it almost time?

Getting my butt back into shape...not the easiest thing after tons of work and lots of time in my car, trying not to eat total crap. The last 2 months have been nuts with work. Its going great and I'm enjoying it, just wishing i had an extra 2-3 hrs every day. I have driven about 55k miles in one year for work. Its way better than a cubicle....right?

I'm psyched to have a few new supporters on board for the 2011 season. LIFEQUEST is a great non-profit based in Colorado springs. They support soldiers and ex military people in multiple ways. One of the primary ways is through racing. I am really stoked to be helping them out and getting these guys out there experiencing the beauty of racing Xterra and Adventure races. I will be doing more adventure racing this season with the LIFEQUEST pro team.

Also back on board with EPC MULTISPORT for the season. Cody Waite had built a killer team of elite and age group athletes primarly focused on the Xterra circut. Need some coaching or training advice? Cody is your man. Join us for some fun/hard workouts in the next few months!

I will also be racing for ADRENALINE CYLES . Check out this great little shop in littleton for any cycling and triathlon needs. Matt is the man. I will be racing for these guys and we have some 12hr and 24hr mtb events on the well as a rad CX season once fall rolls around.
Big thanks to Trevor at SKINFIT for the new skinsuit. These suits are really nice. Can't wait to pee and spill gels all over it.

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jameson said...

it sounds like things are going well... i can't believe it's almost time to start toeing the line again! time flies!