Friday, May 27, 2011


(sorry, i've been slacking on blog) If you like hard and technical mtb courses and feel like most xterra courses are a "blue run" then go do Xterra moab next year. This was actually my first xterra about 5 years ago and i did not remember the gnarliness of the bike course. I was stoked they brought it back. RACE DAY: ate some breakfast at denny's with Becca (i think our waiter was buzzed on some coke) and headed to the race. Saw tons of fellow "xterra buds" and set up transition. Water was cold but felt good. Swim went decent (if swimming slow is ok) and i had a fast transition. Nick Fisher caught me on the big road climb up to the trail (he was flying!) i hung with him for about 8min until the first rocky climb...i hammered up the steep slickrock and SNAP!....broke my chain...shitballs. Luckily Jeff Dewitt had a chain tool and was right behind me. Thanks Jeff!!! He did warn me the chaintool was a crappy one. I went to work and needless to say didnt have a fast "chain fix" (about 10+min). So I decided to just have fun and hammer the bike to see how many people i could catch...i almost blew up about 15min later, but calmed myself down and got in a good rythm...the bike course is sick gnarly. I saw 3 bad crashes since i was riding through people the whole way. Was in 10th place overall by end of bike. Had a decent run (about 1-2 minutes off Nick and Brad Zoller) but i smoked my legs pretty hard on the bike. Ended up finishing 8th overall. Was happy with my fitness. Props to Nick Fisher, the dude was on fire. He beat us all pretty bad. Even without the chain break I would have had a tough time staying with him.

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