Monday, June 13, 2011

Xterra 4 corners report (june 4th)

Killer race down in Farmington NM. This is the 3rd year I've done this race and all three years I have placed 3rd overall. So as you know by now I got 3rd.....whats that? yep 3rd, 3 times. The bike course here is awesome (super flowy and bmx'ish). I was a bit bummed it wasn't longer but the race is sick regardless. The old race was a swim/run/ was cool doing a different format but they used to have 2 transitions and a section on the paved road. The new course is all offroad and the new run is TOUGH and way more fun. The city really gets behind this race and even helps promote and run the race. Here is a link to some quotes i had in local paper about the race.
Farmington NM Daily Times
Luke Jay, of Littleton, Colo., is also back in the field of 200 individuals for the third straight year. He finished third last year, but still wishes the course finished with the legendary bike ride. (i never said that! dang reporters)

"Honestly, it is kind of fun to do it the other way just because all the other races we do are in the traditional format, so it was always fun to have something different," Jay said. "It will be fun, and the new run course will be great. But the bike is definitely the reason I keep coming back. It is super fun with tons of rhythm and it's super flowy. It isn't that technical but it is deceptive because you can lose a lot of time in the corners and over the rollers if you're not staying on your pedals."

THE RACE: After a terrible swim which is very close to a great swim for me I got on the bike and started my normal race routine and pick off as many people as possible and try to deflate some other legs as I ride by. It was going ok but I didn't have the power and snap needed to really make a dent. I ate way to late (5:30 and the race was a 7am) so i had a sweet GUT BOMB the whole race and a lack of power. The bike was only 15 miles long so it was tought to make up anytime. I came off the bike in 3rd and held that position on the run. I knew cody and nick where up a ways so i wasnt catching them. I pushed the run in spots, but didn't bury myself and just maintained and held 3rd to the line. I still had a blast and was able to get 3rd behind Cody and Nick (i beat nick last year, but he crushed me this year)...did i mention i was 3rd again? Had a rad time driving to race with Jason Hilgers (5th overall) and Marcus Brady (BMX phenom)....between Jason's coffee habits and Marcus's "ill advised" driving skills, and chatting about amazing "twitters" the 6hr drive was full of comedy and tragedy that made it go fast.

Post race : Jason(5th), Myself (3rd), Cody (1st)

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