Tuesday, September 27, 2011

come and gone....

Xterra nationals was this last weekend. A little bummed to have a lackluster performance, but I still had fun and it's always good to race and travel with good dudes like Patrick Valentine and Nick Fisher. After a slow and normal swim i was ready to rip the bike. I was riding away from most people and only got passed by John Klish and Nick Fisher (The 2 strongest age group cyclist). But i wasn't killing it..i felt a bit heavy with no snap. Once on the run my meltdown happened. After the uphill i just couldn't get the legs going and my stomach felt weird. I was just plugging along. I came around the last corner and saw Klish!...its a 50yd uphill and then 50yds downhill to finish...i completely buried myself to pass him and got a 5 sec gap into the finish...but i paid dearly for it, and started to puke. YEP! i puked once befor finish line (full stride) and then after i crossed. Major apologies to the disgusted stectators who mostly came just to see LANCE. After the race Nick borrowed a wakeboard boat and we went lake surfing for a few hrs after the race in pineview rez! good times.

It's tough to get beat that bad by guys i normally can hang with. I love this sport and am always after "that race" when everything clicks. I need to look at what i am doing wrong and have a better off-season. Looking foward to some CX and running races. I think i'll have a bit more focus on adventure racing next season but still do a bunch of Xterra races. Just Enjoying the ride as much as possible!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011