Monday, February 27, 2012

Time to get ILL..

For this upcoming season i really wanted to tweak my races a bit...after primarily racing Xterra for the last 4 years I wanted to add some new challenges and fun to my racing and training. I have really taken to heart the mantra "keep training fun" over the last couple years. Sure it may cost me a bit of speed or i might not peak just in time for nationals...but honestly i don't care. If i should be doing track workouts to get my speed'll probably find me climbing some big hills or paddleboarding or doing a super long moutain ride-run with some homies. At the end of the day I want to look back and remember the adventures from both racing and training. Here is a rough idea of what i got planned for this season...looking foward to it!

APRIL- Run Grand Canyon with Hairy Jason and Casey Hill. We are attempting to do the whole rim to rim to rim. 42miles and 10k plus of climbing. Pretty excited for this as it ranks way up there as "must do" for ultra athletes. Maybe Xterra Vegas?...if I get my butt in the pool in time.

MAY- 50k trail run and some mtb racing, and sprint triathlon.

JUNE- Teva games! Super excited for this race...Im doing the ultimate mt challenge. It consists of racing 4 of the events over the 3 day festival. It includes kayaking, 10ktrail run, road TT bike, and MTB race. Josiah is the longtime running champ of this race and everyone knows how much of a monster he is. Hoping to crack top 10 and pretty sure i'll have loads of fun. Fibark festival races (hillclimb, mtb race, road race) and I think the crested butte mtb race before Jason's wedding!

JULY-AUG-SEPT - Colorado Xterra racing and maybe travel to one....hope to get into several adventure races as well as some trail run races.

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jameson said...

as always dude.... you are keeping it real. I love it. your attitude and approach is spot on. good luck will all you have planned this year.