Tuesday, March 13, 2012

pumped to be stoked

So we have had killer weather lately and i have been able to get some great training in. Both running and cycling. I have upped my running a fair amount since we are going to attemp a grand canyon run in late april (rim to rim to rim=42 miles) and hopefully do a 50k in may...I have been just taking off and running trails with no real time limit or workout planned, just time on the legs mostly going up and down steep trails. Yesterday it was 70degrees so i headed to green mountain, and zorro trail to knockout a nice long run. Ran for 2hr 15min with a 1min rest to gel-water at the car before lapping green mountain a 2nd time. Felt good...gotta love Colorado.

Also picked up this kayak last week. One of my A-races this year is the Ultimate Mountain challenge at Teva Games. I know how to kayak, but i wouldn't even claim "intermediate" at this point. So i'll be in the river getting my skills up to par for the 20+ minute portion of the race. The race includes the kayak, MTB race, 10k trail run, and Road bike TT all in 2 days. Should be fun!

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