Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Run

So a few days ago i wanted to get in a hard long run in prep for our Grand Canyon (rim-rim-rim) run at the end of this month. Loaded up the camelback similar to how it will be for the 10+hrs at Grand Canyon...and headed up Mt Falcon. My goal was to run 3.5-4 hrs with some fast powerhiking and tons of climbing. Hit top of falcon in 30min without hurting to much. Cruised down steep road towards kittredge and ran Lair the bear trail (almost to bottom) till my watch said 1hr 50min...then turnaround and start the long run back. I probably only hiked about 10% of the 4hrs but i felt least i think i felt good as you can running 25miles. Some killer singletrack, good tunes, rad views of redrocks, and some sore legs. Total was 4hrs, 24+ miles, and about 6k of climbing.

Heading to Moab to do the Gravity Play adventure race this upcoming Saturday. Me and Jason are racing the 2person Open (6-10hr race) it includes kayaking, running, MTB, orienteering, rappeling....good stuff! Also planning on doing a cool bike packing overnight trip while in Moab...stay tuned.

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Ragnor Relay said...

I know that you really enjoying this fun run activity. I have tried this one before and it's so enjoying. Good job and hope you will still joining this activity.