Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Moab Adventure Race

Just a tiny bit of rain as we woke up on saturday...the weather was looking questionable and rain is in the forecast. Coffee, donut, and oatmeal for breakfast. We staged the bike/run/trek/climb gear at take out the previous night with most of the other teams. We drove to the start about 14miles up the colorado river at red cliffs put in. Jason Michalak and myself made up our 2 person team (LIFEQUEST). We knew we could win this thing if we didn't f-up (which isn't hard in a 6-10hr race with navigation). We had all our coordinates at check in and mapped out the night before and the course seemed pretty straight foward with only one checkpoint (CP5) that might be tricky.

The sun came out as we started at 8:30...we gunned it from the start and made sure we were first "open team" in the water (solo and coed teams started 30&15min in front of us) We started the 14mile kayak in the lead and actually came out 2+hrs later still in the lead. We arrived at boatramp and made a quick transition to dry bike gear...it was windy and fairly cold at this point. We needed everything with us for rest of race so we had running gear, climbing gear, and food/water for next 4-6 hrs in our packs (camelback octane18). We made quick work of the road and started the next section (CP4-CP5) which was poison spider trail (and part of goldspike i think) CP5 wasn't to hard and we hit that and then straight back down poison spider. Jason was riding the tech sections really well on his new 29er FS and was setting a great pace. Roughly 2hrs later we are hammering on the road to corona arch off potash road. A quick change into running shoes and we are off running up the trail for a couple miles. Under corona arch and we hit the next checkpoint (CP8). Put on the harnesses and clip in to a fixed rope for a rad climb and traverse over some pretty exposed areas above the arch...pretty awesome. We had about 20+min of hard running/scrambling up and down steep slickrock to big rappel. Once we got down from rappel it was a short run back to the bikes and CP9. A number 2 pit stop for Jason since we had time (good thing)...and then a 10mile road ride to the finish. We had a good cushion by then so we just cruised it in for the overall team win. These races are super fun and killer training. My buddy Adam came and we did some killer rides on sunday (amasaback, jackson, and a stop in fruita to ride horsethief bench)

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