Monday, June 18, 2012

snake rattle and roll

Did an awesome ride on fathers day and ran across this guy. Rattlesnakes in Colorado are common especially on hot days, but I happened to be coming down a trail called "rattlesnake gulch" go ahead and laugh. I did.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ultimate Mountain Challenge

This was my first year doing the Ultimate Mtn Challenge at Teva Games in Vail. It was super fun and really good/hard  racing. It involves 4 events in two days. 4 mile downriver Kayak, 21mile Mtb race, 10k trail run, and Road bike TT. Josiah Middaugh owns this event and Travis Macy has been a close 2nd for the last few years. Both are world class athletes and it was an honor just to race with them (at least for the short bits i saw them). Obviously the real race was between them, and my race was for the 3rd place slot. There was only 5 guys entered in the UMC pro race so I really only had to beat 2 guys. The first race was the downriver kayak with an 8:20 start. I was 2nd in the water behind Travis (tt style start) and Josiah behind me. I decided just to race my own kayak (shorter style fun boat) even though I knew I would probably lose a bit of time. Travis is a world class adventure racer and knows how to paddle. He had the fastest time out of the UMC athletes and I settled for 4th..haha (26min). The water was low making the paddle a bit tricky with navigating around rocks and sticky holes. 2hrs in between the paddle and mtb race so I rested for a bit, then got a quick warmup in and headed to start line. The UMC athletes started 2 minutes behind a huge pro field. I was really looking foward to the mtb race as it was a ton of climbing and some super fun singletrack descents. (4100ft of climbing in 21.6 miles all above 8,000 ft elevation!) About 10minutes in I was struggling and just hoping to get my legs going...well it never happened and I was suffering the entire race with no power. I finished in 2:16 and felt like crap. I was worried I lost time to the 4th and 5th place guys but i still managed 3rd (way far behind Josiah and Travis) and one of the UMC guys didn't finish. Got some food in me and took short nap. (my parents watched Max and Ryder so me and Becca got to hang out all weekend in Vail...bonus!) 8am on Sunday the 10k trail run started. The Teva Games is top notch competition and it draws huge talent in each field with good prize money (very cool to see some of the best athletes in the world). Apparently the run was a tad more than 10k (i heard 7+miles) and was brutal. Straight up the ski runs for almost 1000ft in the first 2-3 miles...we gained almost 2k vertical in 6-7 miles. The fastest pro was 51-52 minutes! I had a decent race 60min on the trashed legs and finished 13th overall and 4th in my age group (which included Max King and Josiah). I was still sitting in third and had about 10min cushion on 4th place guy (Simon). Our TT stareted at 11:30...just enough time to get tight and tired! I did a 45min spin to get loosened up and rode the 9.7 mile uphill TT that started in Vail village in 35:01. Not great but good enough to seal 3rd place and a bit of prize money! Big thanks to the brands that support me and help me with amazing product. Oakley, Sperry Topsider, GU, Adrenalin Cycles.