Saturday, October 6, 2012

quality over quantity

As i think about the races and awesomeness that i have been blessed to do since april i am pretty stoked how everything turned out. This year was definitely a quality over quantity season for me. It was tough because i love to race and i guess i like to suffer (as long as its not to long) so not partaking in the battles as often was sometimes tough. I did find myself enjoying the training even more than years past. I was more flexible and adventurous in my training (sounds so cheesy)....instead of doing those 3x10 min repeats and then followed by xx repeats on the :00xxx (i never actually did that much of that stuff)  i just ran and rode. and sometimes i rode a long ways with my running shoes in my pocket...then i ran or got lost, then rode home. i ran my first marathon one tuesday just training for the GC.It felt like the perfect way to do it...all by myself in the mountains with no number and i ran out of water (it was great). I spent the night on the trail one time  (on purpose in a sleeping bag). Sometimes i yell STRAVA super loud when i'm riding with friends. I saw a bear. Already getting stoked for 2013 and some really challenging projects! stay tuned.
I was in Utah for the XTERRA national championships a couple weeks was great. The weather was killer, the leaves were changing and i had a decent race..(not amazing, but solid) ...i got 2nd for 30-34 and was 27th overall. Back in colorado its CX season. I missed racing CX last season so i converted my cx bike to a single speed and am hyped to do some more races. I did the ADRENALIN CX race in highlands ranch this last weekend. They started all us SS riders 2 minutes behind the cat3 field (was only about 30-40 guys) ...I got 3rd in SS(almost had 2nd) but us top 3 ss riders passed the entire cat3 field except for one guy who was only 30 seconds in front of us. It felt good to suffer like only a CX can (taste blood, get dizzy suffering).
The highlights of 2012:
-Grand Canyon Run (rim to rim to rim) 44 miles
-Wildflower rush MTB race (crested butte) 2nd in class
-Teva Mt games (3rd place overall) kayak, mtb, run, tt
-Xterra Mt champs (17th overall, 1st in AG)
-Xterra Nationals (27th overall, 2nd in AG)
-Moab adventure xtreme race (1st place team w/Jason Michalak)


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Rad man! I have much of the same mindset these days when it comes to training and racing. I am knocking out R2R2R on 11/3 and can't wait!!

keep it up dude... inspiring stuff!