Wednesday, September 11, 2013

4 passes run video

My good buddy Casey just got married...for his bachelor party we did a 28mile run of 4 passes in Maroon Bells (aspen, co) on Sat (Sept1st) and then we rented downhill bikes on Sunday in keystone. After our epic party (and yes it deserves that word), they had a truly amazing wedding in Keystone on the following Sat.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Leadville 100 run report

My amazing wife Becca at finish
The Leadville 100 run was incredible. It was my first 100mile run and 20hrs I will never forget. Back in Jan when I decided to do Leadman there was 2 major factors before I pulled the trigger and paid the entry fee for my whole summer of endurance racing in Leadville. 1st: support from my loving wife  2nd: proper training by getting a solid coach (Patrick Valentine) to give myself the best possible chance to race well. I literally logged in twice to register for Leadman and chickened out….one day after a long run I decided to give it go and committed to myself to focus 100% on these races for 2013. I had a great summer of training and really loved it. I spent more time in the “real” mountains.  Had a great time training and getting to know Travis Macy (now the current Leadman record holder).  Two quotes that resonated with me all season “the mountains are calling and I must go” and “my eyes have seen the glory”. I looked forward to my long runs (5-7hrs) I felt trashed but “full” after a long day in on the trails. I feel super blessed to be able to do what I do and spend time in God’s creation.
Patrick set up a solid training program for me that started right after I completed the AZT300 mtb race (3 days and 300miles) in April. We set up a plan of 60-70% running and a very focused bike program to keep the strength for the 50 & 100mile races. I probably averaged about 12-14hrs a week and ramped up to 23hrs for my biggest week. I wasn’t pulling 100+mile run weeks like many ultrarunners, but felt confident with my training which was a lot of 3-5hr runs at 100mile pace with lots of hiking, and a solid amount of vert in most every long run.

*Race morning weather was perfect. With everyone lined up in the corral the focus and energy from all the racers was impressive. Boom…start. We jogged down 6th street with 1000 headlamped runners. My goal was to take it easy (“Its 100miles dummy” was my motto) the first 40miles and really try to ease off and hit my conservative goal times for each aid station…May Queen at 13 miles is the first main Aid station.  It was insane…probably 1000 people screaming and cheering (its 6am!) The sun was just coming up…I found Becca and my dad easily (thanks guys) and grabbed two new bottles and a couple gels and left my headlamp. Back onto some awesome singletrack and we started climbing. It was such a beautiful sunrise as we climbed up the long dirt road…we started down powerline and I was feeling great and very comfortable running/chatting with Donnie H., Travis Macy, and Bob Africa.  All great guys. Cruised into Fish Hatchery (23.5miles) around 7:50 and was feeling good after a much needed #2.  Saw my amazing crew, filled up and ate a rice cake. Going into pipeline aid station (29.5miles) I started feeling pretty crappy…my quads felt fried already and I was having a hard time running (even the flats) I was pretty concerned but decided to just take it easy for a bit and hope it flushed out. 10miles later rolling into Twin Lakes (mile 40) I was still not feeling great and thought I might be in for a long long slug. Mentally I got boost seeing Becca and my crew (Casey, Mom, Dad, Roy, Rhonda, and the boys) I sat down and did a quick shoe change to a pair of Pearl Izumi N2 trail shoes. Got a few chips down, and some coconut water and took off towards Hope Pass. I felt like crap (still) and was thinking once I started hiking up Hope Pass I would feel better (since climbing is my strength)…after crossing the river the long grind up hope pass began. I started out slow and couldn’t get rolling. It was a slow slog up to hope pass aid station and I got passed by 6-8 people. Mentally I stayed positive and just took the punches as they came. At the aid station (lamas and all) I downed some noodle soup and coke for the first time (It tasted amazing) I crested the summit and started the descent and my legs hurt..bad. After 10minutes or so my legs loosened up and I was able to use my descending skills to pass 6-8 guys. Once we hit the singletrack section at the bottom heading towards Mayfield I felt pretty solid and passed 4-5 more guys. I caught Donnie and he was still looking good…I knew Travis and Bob were a ways in front of me. I took a look at my watch as they both passed me heading back up (8min, and 15min up). I rolled into Mayfield  (mile 50) and Casey was ready to roll! We had a fast transition and I had only lost 3 pounds. Got some more coke and soup in and took a few Tylenol. We made quick work of the singletrack and started the steep climb back up hope pass. I felt good and Casey was cracking jokes (back in the game!) We absolutely crushed the climb back up. Fast powerhiking and we caught more people. I had Casey grab me two sticks out of the woods to use for poles and it helped a ton. It was awesome seeing Alex Pashley and Chris Boyack coming down. At the top we chucked the sticks and started ripping the descent. We actually caught Bob and Travis on the descent and I decided to mellow out and not get too excited. All three of us rolled into Twin Lakes (mile 60) aid station together at 4pm. I felt good and had made the double crossing in 5.5hrs. Another shoe change into some fresh Pearl Izumi N2 shoes and we headed back out. The next 16 miles was pretty solid…I didn’t feel amazing but felt ok and we had a steady pace as we Rolled into pipeline station (mile 70) feeling ok. The next 6miles to fish hatchery was tough…I was still moving ok but mentally it took a very long time. Casey had paced me a very hard 26.5miles and was ready for break (thanks dude!) Greg was geared up and ready to roll…we left Fish Hatchery (mile 76.5) around 7:20 and I was stoked to be at this point still in daylight. We power-hiked the Powerline climb and my legs felt great. Greg was doing a great job keeping me hydrated and fed. We were making great time (passing several people) and rolled into May Queen (mile 86.5) around 9:30 or so. Greg had told me I was top 20 leaving Fish Hatchery and I was pretty shocked/stoked. We ran the next 6miles of awesome singletrack around the lake around a 10-11:00min. mile pace.  90miles in it felt like we were flying. We got to the boatramp (mile 93) and Becca was amped up and ready to pace me the last 7miles. I owe Greg a huge thanks as he kept me moving at a great pace but more importantly made me drink way more than I wanted and I believe this is why felt so solid. It was so perfect running the last 7miles with my amazing wife and she did a phenomenal job running our crew and keeping everything running  smooth (just like at home)…She was running at a good clip and my legs although trashed and hurting felt ok running the last 7 miles.  We caught Travis and had an awesome couple minutes chatting with him and Jason Poole, He knew at this point he had won Leadman title with a new record. We crested the hill and saw the finish line! I rolled across in 20:14 and was 14th overall….stoked beyond words! I had finished 2nd leadman to Bob Africa who absolutely crushed it running a 19:36 (for 9th overall) with Travis finishing a minute behind me. I held onto my 3rd place overall for leadman, and was even more happy to put together a solid effort for my first 100mile run. My crew was super, and I feel so blessed to have such awesome people and family supporting  me.
 Gear pile
 The AMAZING crew!
 Twin Lakes (40miles)
 Twin lakes with Ryder pacing
 Leadman Podium
High fives with Max
Nutrition: UD Bottles: Water, EFS whole race. GU for most calories. 2 homemade rice cakes, 3 honey stinger waffles, 3 packs of honey stinger chews. Chicken soup and coke at aid stations.
Gear: Ultimate Directions AK vest and Bottles. Swiftwick socks (3pair), Pearl Izumi shoes (M3, N2), Pearl Izumi shorts, Swiftwick shirt and armwarmers, PrincetonTec headlamps, Oakley glasses, Vintage Denver Broncos hat (crucial).

Monday, August 12, 2013

Leadville trail 100 mtb report

Feels good to get this done!...and even better to have a solid day of racing with zero issues. I really enjoyed the race and even slightly got caught up in the "Leadville hype" that exists during these 2 weeks. My wife Becca is amazing and did a great job helping me get ready race morning and supporting me at Twin Lakes with Adrenalin Cycles crew of Wade and Adam, and my parents. The race started at 6:30 and it was chilly (38degrees) after a 4mile descent and dirt road the climbing started up Keivens pass. I was blown away how many dudes were completely blowing up on the first climb...I even saw an aero helmet dude!. My whole goal with this 100 mile race was to ride within myself the whole day since I have this little run next weekend of 100miles. Me and coach Patrick had set-up time splits for about an 8:20 pace as we felt I could comfortably do this without killing myself. I hit aid stations at mile 25, 40, 50 ALL within 1-2 minutes of my planned split times so I was stoked and felt great. I turned it down a notch every time I felt like going harder. After the long slug up columbine (it hurt a bit for sure!) I ripped the descent and made up some free time. Hit Twin lakes (60miles) and felt great. I backed off a good paceline that felt too hard of 8 guys on the road before powerline climb. I knew we had a long grind up that beast. Within the first 5 minutes I had caught and passed 7 of them. I was able to push up powerline a bit (since I knew I was within 2hrs of finish) I wasn't feeling stellar but I probably passed 15 people so I knew I was feeling better than most. Hit the road climb and grinded that out with a couple solid dudes. My legs felt good so I pushed a bit the last 45 minutes and was able to ride an 8:10. Meet my amazing family at the line, grabbed some fluids and food. Soaked in the creek by our campsite for some mountain recovery. On sunday we had the 10k run at noon. Pretty un-motivated to run fast or I decided to just cruise the 10k and get ready for the 100. It appeared Bob Africa, and Donnie Haubert (both also doing Leadman) had the exact same plan, it was very cool running and chatting the entire 43minute 10k with those dudes. I got a week to prep/recover for the Leadville 100mile run. I' m so stoked to give this thing a shot and am just looking forward to the whole experience.

Huge Thanks to the sponsors who are part of the adrenalin project like CHAMPION SYSTEM clothing (hit me up if you need any custom kits made) LIFEPROOF phone cases, SWIFTWICK for the best socks around, GIRO CYCLING for the killer shoes, helmets, gloves. ADRENALIN CYCLES for keeping the bikes running smooth and stocking the best gear, and OAKLEY for the amazing shades.

Monday, July 29, 2013

all is well

Yesterday (Sunday) wrapped up my last long run (28miles) before Leadville 100. I got in a big solid week of miles in prep for the last two events in Leadman. Aug 10th is the 100mile bike and Aug 17th I'll tackle the 100 miles run. I feel great and training has gone really good thanks to the program Patrick built for me. I'm sure I'll be cussing myself and Patrick at mile 75 of the run though.
This week was primarily two long runs (6.5hr, 5hr) and two long bikes (4hr, 5hr) much of my time was spent 10,000-14,000ft. On the longest day I chased Travis up Grays and Torreys (from 1-70) and then we did a quick drive to Jones Pass and knocked out another 13miles and 5k of vert. The guy is a freak.
RUN: 14hrs, 70ish miles , 14.5k of vertical
BIKE: 9hrs, 100ish miles, 12k of vertical
TOTAL: 23hrs

Gear Notes: Swiftwick socks all the way! amazing socks. Been putting in solid miles in the Pearl Izumi Emotion shoes and am very happy with them. Will probably rotate between the amazing Trail N2 (2 pairs) and a pair of M3 road ones. Will use the Ultimate Directions AK vest for hope pass and beyond. Planning to just start with 2 bottles for the first 40miles since there are enough aid stations. For my nutrition plan I am using primarily GU, water, EFS drink, and the occasional home made rice cake, Allen Lim style (scratch labs recipe).


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leadman round #2 silver-rush suckerpunch

Round two has come and gone and I'm good. It was just a slight suckerpunch that came in the form of leaking air and flat tire.Hopefully i got my bad luck out of the way before the 100's start?? 

Silver rush 50 starts with a 100yard dash straight up hill. I started front row so i could stay out of harms way that may come in the form of an over zealous knucklehead racer. I just jogged up the hill at a steady pace but didn't spike my heart rate at all...I looked around and was 3rd person to the top...ha. Apparently most mountain bikers suck at running up hills.  Started pedaling let the fast guys go around me (about 10 dudes)....I settled into a solid rhythm and was cranking away wit Bob Africa (leadman)...after 10-15 minutes I rode away from him but knew he was gonna stay close. I felt pretty solid and was making sure to not go to hard and keep drinking. Caught a few more guys and was sitting in top 15 at turnaround in about 2:14. I grabbed 2 fresh bottles (thanks Dad!) and started the grind backup. My rear tire felt was. I burped it since the air was low (only 2nd time in my life burping tubeless)..I stopped and put air in, it seemed to hold and i started riding again. Lots of short hab sections coming back up and i was wishing for more longer hab cause my legs felt great hiking and was catching more dudes (apparently i have been running too much)..tire got soft again so i had to stop and put a tube in (5min lost)...Since I had a tube in the rear I elected to ride the rest of the downhills gingerly and careful not to pinch flat (more lost time) It was killing me as i can ride that stuff solid, but i knew a pinch flat would cost even more time...caught a couple guys on long road climb and 2 more in last mile. Finished 4:28. My goal was break 4:30, done, but couldn't help but be curious what my time would have been?. Grabbed some drinks with Dad, Trapper, Wade (adrenalin project dudes) at the local distillery. Stayed in BV and woke up at 4:30 to meet up with Travis Macy at Twin Lakes or HOPE PASS run training. We started up Hope Pass and got rained on up top. Travis headed back down to his camp/family and I continued down the backside towards Winfield (which will be mile 50 at 100mile run) I hiked/ran a fairly easy pace trying to replicate a do-able 100mile pace. Finished the round trip in 5:15 (with a couple stops for pics) 21.5 miles, about 7k of climbing and I felt great despite the 50miles in my legs from silver rush. Its amazing up there! ("my eyes have seen the glory")

Monday, July 8, 2013

training, leadman, gear...

I've been getting in some great training (thanks Patrick) since the Leadville Marathon. I backed up the marathon with 2 solid rides (Sun, Tue) of 3hrs and mostly climbing. Lots of 12-20min efforts just below threshold. I am def getting stronger with less effort. Wed after the Marathon I did a great 3.5hr run in middle of the day heat (about 20miles and 3,500ft). Friday (60min spin, 40min run)...and SAT knocked out a 4hr run (4k of vert, 22miles)...obviously a bit tired but feeling solid. On the 4th we hiked up to St Mary's glacier with the boys for Ryder's Birthday (extra hike miles!) and hung out.
(look at MAX powerhiking/running!)
GEAR NOTES: I've been seriously running through some shoes and have been trying to nail down what to wear for Leadville. I ran the Marathon in the Salomon S-Lab sense and its a great shoe but I don't feel it has enough cushion/padding for more than 50k (for me). I've been happy with the Saucony Peregrines, and Pearl Izumi N1...and have been doing a lot of my longer runs in the Saucony Kinvara but it lacks the traction for long off road runs. Lucky for me someone at Pearl Izumi sent me some of the Emotion N2 shoes and I tested them on a 5mile super tech/rough run, and then a 4hr mountain run with lots of vert. I was VERY impressed. I think I found the perfect shoe for Leadville (for me). Neutral, light, and flexible, but good cushion. Enough that they still felt cushy after 4hrs (my peregrine's, and Salomon's don't)...a couple more long sessions in these for peace of mind but I feel good about 100miles in these shoes. Pearl Izumi nailed it. I have also been using the Ultimate Directions AK vest for long runs. I usually prefer holding bottles and have been a fan of UD for a few years (I buy all of it)...but for Hope pass and when I need to carry more fuel this vest is sick! super light and no rubbing (even when shirtless)..easy to toss my shell and phone in back. Works perfect and I forget about it...and I feel good supporting a Colorado brand with serious badass dudes behind it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Leadville trail marathon report

2013 Leadville Trail Marathon. 4:11 finish. 8th overall. 4th Leadman.

1st race in the Leadville series is done...Feels good to get this thing rolling, since I've been thinking about it way to much since Jan. I felt GOOD...I really enjoyed the race and sucked up as much energy and beauty as the altitude would allow. My plan was to run an even race and never push to hard. I kept it contained pretty well till we started climbing mosquito pass. I was sitting in 6th place and was feeling good with my run/hike mix. Hit the top in 2:14 (I think)....I just ran with a stopwatch mainly because my GPS is my phone and I haven't had a working HRM in 2 years. Took a nice spill coming down the pass (thanks to my handheld waterbottle for the cushion on impact). On the gradual climb after mile 17 I went through a small "dark" spot...recovered decently fast, and proceeded to nail my foot/toe hard on a rock...Jogged easy for a few minutes till it felt better...GOT passed by two dudes. Oh well (lots of racing to come) My stomach never felt great but my legs felt pretty strong the whole run. Loved having Becca and the boys at mile 10&16...and Max and Ryder where able cross finish line with me which was amazing. I have never done a 100mile I am a complete rookie when it comes to ultrarunning, but am really enjoying the journey and will definitely rely on my experience from longer races I have done (18-72hrs). I followed up on Sunday with a 2hr mtb ride to flush out the legs and everything feels pretty good. Time to this second big block of training underway.

I will say that I think Travis Macy will crush Leadman. Most people have no idea how strong he is and his years of endurance racing will only help him. Will be fun seeing how he does against the very stout record TIM set last year.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Grays and Torreys

Woke up at 4. Met Travis Macy and Jason Poole in Evergreen. Drove to 1-70 parking lot. Ran/hiked
up Grays and Torrey (2 of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks) 14.3 miles roundtrip, about 5k of vert, 3.5 hrs. Awesome.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

so far so good

My Leadman training seems to be going very well. Its different for me but I'm enjoying the challenge and long runs for sure. My Adrenalin Project teammate Patrick Valentine is coaching me for Leadville and its great to have a structured program and someone kicking my butt.

GOPRO games was awesome. I raced the Ultimate Mountain Challenge again and although bettering my times from last year I dropped a spot and finished 4th place. Its cool though because the three dudes in front of me are all real deal fast ass pro athletes. Josiah Middaugh won again (for like 5th straight year) and Travis Macy as always was right behind in 2nd...and Adam Wirth (xterra buddy) from Idaho brought his fast cycling legs to Vail to claim third. So sat morning starts with the 4mile downriver kayak down gore creek (class 2/3) ...20:00 min later and its over. No swimming or major mistakes and I'm stoked. A few hrs later all 8-9 Pro UMC guys lined up behind the huge PRO mtb field. Its a brutal course of 3x6mile laps...lots of climbing. I felt ok but lost enough time to Adam that I knew a podium repeat would be tough. Early sunday morning at 8am we are all lined up with a very fast and large field to race the 10k trail run (11k) ...its at 9,000 feet and we climbed 2k in just 6.5-7 miles...its brutal. I felt strong on the run and could tell all my running helped (weird huh?) I finished 16th overall (with some very strong pro runners) and beat Adam by 5min. (54min finish time) Next was the classic Vail TT up vail pass. 9.8 miles up to 10,000 feet. Once again my legs felt decent but no "snap"...I finished 4th place overall Pro after the 4 events. It was a great weekend with Becca and Ryder. Ryder had a blast at the games doing the zipline, slackline, free stuff, biking, and watching pro BMX dudes jumping. Its rad to see him hyped on this stuff and he yelled at me to "drop the hammer" a few time during the good!  Got home late on sunday from the games and was pretty tired ...but Monday I had a 3hr trail run as Patrick told me I had to run on tired went ok and I did 20miles with 3k+ of vertical.

A few "gear notes" ....For tires I have been running the GEAX AKA and really like this tire for 95% of Colorado conditions. GIRO aeon helmet has been awesome! super light and comfortable. I'm running the GIRO code mtb shoes this year and have been super impressed with the fit, comfort and stiffness. I used swiftwick socks for all the events and will be using these socks for all my Leadville races including the Leadville 100 run. Don't underestimate the need for good socks and swiftwick is the best in my opinion.  The badass dudes at Adrenalin cycles keep my bikes running smooth and have everything you need for cycling or racing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

AZT 300
prepping the legs, gear, and mind for 300 miles of mtb riding (fully self supported) next week!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

music and _______

haven't done a music hit in a here it is. some great bands and music i've been into recently. I like live performances over the music video.

Monday, March 4, 2013


so me and two buddies went and shredded monarch the other day and brought the gopro. here is the edit my homey tommy made. super fun times! also proving my theory that i am a jack of all trades and master of none.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Photo entry from a work trip to Washington and pics of my work (not as interesting) but some cool shots from sail with my buddy, and a cool trail run on Bainbridge Island. Once work slows down a bit in a few weeks i'll get my buttocks in gear and start some structured training.

Monday, January 7, 2013

pumped to be stoked

2013 is looking pretty rad.  I signed up for Leadman and am super excited and a bit nervous like a might poop my pants a little bit. Also launching a project with some other friends/athletes and the feedback has been really terrible....terribly good. It's a collective of like minded athletes competing and training for the sheer joy and love of the mountains and the stuff we love to running really far, mt. biking, xterra, anything that sounds like an endurance challenge or adventure.

-Leadville Leadman-
June---trail marathon
July---50mile mtb race
Aug---100mile leadville mtb race
Aug---100mile leadville run