Monday, July 29, 2013

all is well

Yesterday (Sunday) wrapped up my last long run (28miles) before Leadville 100. I got in a big solid week of miles in prep for the last two events in Leadman. Aug 10th is the 100mile bike and Aug 17th I'll tackle the 100 miles run. I feel great and training has gone really good thanks to the program Patrick built for me. I'm sure I'll be cussing myself and Patrick at mile 75 of the run though.
This week was primarily two long runs (6.5hr, 5hr) and two long bikes (4hr, 5hr) much of my time was spent 10,000-14,000ft. On the longest day I chased Travis up Grays and Torreys (from 1-70) and then we did a quick drive to Jones Pass and knocked out another 13miles and 5k of vert. The guy is a freak.
RUN: 14hrs, 70ish miles , 14.5k of vertical
BIKE: 9hrs, 100ish miles, 12k of vertical
TOTAL: 23hrs

Gear Notes: Swiftwick socks all the way! amazing socks. Been putting in solid miles in the Pearl Izumi Emotion shoes and am very happy with them. Will probably rotate between the amazing Trail N2 (2 pairs) and a pair of M3 road ones. Will use the Ultimate Directions AK vest for hope pass and beyond. Planning to just start with 2 bottles for the first 40miles since there are enough aid stations. For my nutrition plan I am using primarily GU, water, EFS drink, and the occasional home made rice cake, Allen Lim style (scratch labs recipe).


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