Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leadman round #2 silver-rush suckerpunch

Round two has come and gone and I'm good. It was just a slight suckerpunch that came in the form of leaking air and flat tire.Hopefully i got my bad luck out of the way before the 100's start?? 

Silver rush 50 starts with a 100yard dash straight up hill. I started front row so i could stay out of harms way that may come in the form of an over zealous knucklehead racer. I just jogged up the hill at a steady pace but didn't spike my heart rate at all...I looked around and was 3rd person to the top...ha. Apparently most mountain bikers suck at running up hills.  Started pedaling let the fast guys go around me (about 10 dudes)....I settled into a solid rhythm and was cranking away wit Bob Africa (leadman)...after 10-15 minutes I rode away from him but knew he was gonna stay close. I felt pretty solid and was making sure to not go to hard and keep drinking. Caught a few more guys and was sitting in top 15 at turnaround in about 2:14. I grabbed 2 fresh bottles (thanks Dad!) and started the grind backup. My rear tire felt soft....it was. I burped it since the air was low (only 2nd time in my life burping tubeless)..I stopped and put air in, it seemed to hold and i started riding again. Lots of short hab sections coming back up and i was wishing for more longer hab cause my legs felt great hiking and was catching more dudes (apparently i have been running too much)..tire got soft again so i had to stop and put a tube in (5min lost)...Since I had a tube in the rear I elected to ride the rest of the downhills gingerly and careful not to pinch flat (more lost time) It was killing me as i can ride that stuff solid, but i knew a pinch flat would cost even more time...caught a couple guys on long road climb and 2 more in last mile. Finished 4:28. My goal was break 4:30, done, but couldn't help but be curious what my time would have been?. Grabbed some drinks with Dad, Trapper, Wade (adrenalin project dudes) at the local distillery. Stayed in BV and woke up at 4:30 to meet up with Travis Macy at Twin Lakes or HOPE PASS run training. We started up Hope Pass and got rained on up top. Travis headed back down to his camp/family and I continued down the backside towards Winfield (which will be mile 50 at 100mile run) I hiked/ran a fairly easy pace trying to replicate a do-able 100mile pace. Finished the round trip in 5:15 (with a couple stops for pics) 21.5 miles, about 7k of climbing and I felt great despite the 50miles in my legs from silver rush. Its amazing up there! ("my eyes have seen the glory")

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