Monday, July 1, 2013

Leadville trail marathon report

2013 Leadville Trail Marathon. 4:11 finish. 8th overall. 4th Leadman.

1st race in the Leadville series is done...Feels good to get this thing rolling, since I've been thinking about it way to much since Jan. I felt GOOD...I really enjoyed the race and sucked up as much energy and beauty as the altitude would allow. My plan was to run an even race and never push to hard. I kept it contained pretty well till we started climbing mosquito pass. I was sitting in 6th place and was feeling good with my run/hike mix. Hit the top in 2:14 (I think)....I just ran with a stopwatch mainly because my GPS is my phone and I haven't had a working HRM in 2 years. Took a nice spill coming down the pass (thanks to my handheld waterbottle for the cushion on impact). On the gradual climb after mile 17 I went through a small "dark" spot...recovered decently fast, and proceeded to nail my foot/toe hard on a rock...Jogged easy for a few minutes till it felt better...GOT passed by two dudes. Oh well (lots of racing to come) My stomach never felt great but my legs felt pretty strong the whole run. Loved having Becca and the boys at mile 10&16...and Max and Ryder where able cross finish line with me which was amazing. I have never done a 100mile I am a complete rookie when it comes to ultrarunning, but am really enjoying the journey and will definitely rely on my experience from longer races I have done (18-72hrs). I followed up on Sunday with a 2hr mtb ride to flush out the legs and everything feels pretty good. Time to this second big block of training underway.

I will say that I think Travis Macy will crush Leadman. Most people have no idea how strong he is and his years of endurance racing will only help him. Will be fun seeing how he does against the very stout record TIM set last year.


Lucho said...
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Lucho said...

Hey Luke-
I think my kids played with your kids up at the aid station? Did they have a Lego Star Wars book?
Ya, Travis is just sick! If he has a good 100 run then he'll make my record look like a joke!
I'll be up there for every race so hopefully we can meet!
Best of luck!

Luke Jay said...

definitely a good possibility! your record is no joke...just fyi. see you at silverush!